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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

1 Post authored by: kosheno.moore Employee

Hey You! I want to ask you...


This will be my second year attending JiveWorld and I am thrilled to see all the excitement and energy from our customers, partners and fellow Jivers. This year, I want to hear your story about what Jive means to you. In just few words, I'd love to have you tell us your short Jive story--on camera---and help spread your passion for Jive.


These are the questions I'm going to ask, plus examples of the kinds of answers we're hoping for:

What is Jive doing for your company’s culture?
  • Jive puts everyone on the same page.
  • It’s bringing everyone together.
  • It’s making work more personal.

What do you or your customers do in Jive? 

  • Jive is the place where my work gets done.
  • Jive is where our customers' voices are heard.
  • It’s a place to catch up with what’s happening.
How has Jive helped you reach your goals?
  • Jive has made growing easier.
  • It has helped us expand our market.
  • It made our customers more loyal.
  • Jive helps us retain employees, longer.
What is Jive to you?
  • Jive is the hub.
  • Jive is the mosh pit of ideas.
  • It’s connection.
  • It's the best. Ever.
                                                                          ^ We can always hope for this answer.



How do I tell my Jive Is story?


Step 1: Message kosheno.moore or simply find us @ JiveWorld16  - The video crew will be roaming  & dancing

kosheno.moore, jessie.edwards, molly.elwood,

Step 2: Tell us your story


Step 3: Get Prizes!


Have a cup of Starbucks coffee on us and get RockStar & Easter Egg points from the Mobile App game. Did someone mention a hoverboard?