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As the breakout session track lead for what is now my third JiveWorld, I am so looking forward to attending the event and very happy to share that the breakout session agenda is now live and available on the web site! This year's sessions are a combination of your feedback (what you wanted more of) mixed with what we are most excited to share with you on the future of our solution. And like most great recipes, we added a little secret ingredient that makes the end result perfect!


Before you head off to check out the lineup, I want to share why I so enjoy planning and participating in JiveWorld:

  1. Jive does conferences “right.” I have been to many industry conferences (including an industrial woodworking one that ran for a month ) and I can tell you the best ones I attend are when customers share their stories. Yes, in this industry, you do need to hear from experts from time to time. But for me the best value from a conference is when I have the opportunity to hear directly from customers trying to execute programs I know others will need to execute. I always have something to learn when real practitioners share their goals, their challenges, their successes and their lessons learned. At JiveWorld, you get all that! We strive to balance Jive content (roadmap, keynote sessions) with your stories. No matter where you are on your Jive journey, you will find “a session for that” and fellow customers to learn from.
  2. We really do listen. This year's conference is a change from previous years in many ways (such as location, date). Throughout the content planning process, which we started in May (I checked) we continually went back through community threads, survey/poll data and Jiver insights to make sure we fixed what didn't work and doubled down on the delighters. This year our theme is the Power of Connection and I truly believe we are coming into March living up to that.
  3. Jive knows how to throw a party. Always excited to learn what surprise belinda.joseph has cooked up for the final night. It's always a seriously fun time and I hope many of you will join us for this year's celebration.
  4. JiveWorld provides fantastic networking opportunities. For many of us at Jive, this is one of the best times to enjoy the connections we have made by supporting you as well as seeing customers get reacquainted.


I'd love to hear what you enjoy about JiveWorld as well. Let me know in the comments below, and why not dig up some photos!


See you there!


JiveWorld16 Agenda: March 14-16, 2016



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