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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

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Roguen, thank you so much for all of your contributions and for being so enthusiastic about winning the JiveWorld16 Game Series in any way you could. You created great conversations on social and we are lucky to have someone so passionate as part of our Jive family. Congrats on all the hard work!


Please message me privately to let us know where you would like the hoverboard shipped.


For everyone else, this isn't the last hoverboard we're giving away, so get over and Vote for Your Favorite JiveWorld16 Photo!

I hope all of you caught my blog a couple of weeks ago (It's Time to Win Big with the JiveWorld16 Game Series). JiveWorld is now just a few days away and I want to make sure everyone is getting pumped for one of these!!




Now I know that some of you might be worried that the hoverboard is not for you and are scared that you might end up like this poor individual...


giphy (40).gif


So we have a solution; for those of you who are not interested in one of these devices there is an option to opt out and receive an Amazon gift card for the value of the hoverboard instead (pretty sweet, right?)


But for those of you who are both ambitious and adventurous here's a little something we put together to get you even more amped about winning the game.



And as I promised, here's a preview of a few more badges, but still more to come!




Keep your eyes peeled and social media channels ready for more updates.

JiveWorld16 is just around the corner, (we're talking just over three weeks people!) which means its time to get your game faces on. That's right, this year's game series has already begun and runs through March 31st and we have four easy ways for you to head home with prizes and bragging rights.


But what are the prizes you ask? We know that everyone likes collecting badges, but completely understand how important tangible rewards are too, so that's why we've upped the stakes and decided that hoverboards were the only way to go.


giphy (34).gif


So how do you cruise away on one these babies? It's easy:


Step 1: Download the mobile app

  • Stay up-to-date with JiveWorld16 schedule, events and take part in the JiveWorld16 Game Series
  • You can download the JiveWorld16 Mobile App now for iPad, iPhone, Android and Mobile Web
  • Download here:


Step 2: Achieve one the of following...


Become the top tweeter of JiveWorld16:

Starting now and through March 31st, our social team ill be monitoring Twitter for organic tweets, re-tweets, and modified-tweets that include the #JiveWorld hashtag. To win, simply be the top tweeter in terms of volume, network size and quality of contribution. At the beginning of April, we will collect all the stats and announce the winners right here in the Community. The top tweeter will be shipped one of our awesome hoverboards.


Note:  The Top Tweeter game is the only way non-attendees can win a prize. So even if you're not attending JiveWorld16, there is still a chance for you to win!


So good luck in the twittersphere!


Submit the best photo of JiveWorld16:

From March 13th - March 18th, we will monitor Twitter and Instagram for posts that include both the #JiveWorld hashtag and a photo. The social team will select 10 photos based on creativity and engagement and will then create a poll right here in the Community to determine the best photo of all! The owner of the top photo will be shipped one our totally radical hoverboards.


Eligible Photos

  • Must have at least 1 person in them
  • Must be taken during JiveWorld (in Vegas) OR clearly show the word "JiveWorld" in them (#JiveWorld is acceptable) OR at least 1 JiveWorld16 conference badge visible
  • Must be taken first-hand from your device (i.e. you own the rights to your photo)
  • Must be submitted to Twitter or Instagram by a member of the Jive Community and be a JiveWorld16 attendee.
  • While the use of photo editing tools and filters is discouraged, participants may use them at their discretion. We ask that you limit use of these tools to improve photo quality and presentation, and less for altering appearances and super imposition.


Win one of the daily challenges:

Just to keep everyone on their toes, we will also be creating daily challenges that will be released in real-time at JiveWorld16. On March 14th and 15th details around the daily challenge will be communicated through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as through the mobile app and here in the community. The 1st place winner of each challenge will be shipped a hoverboard.


But how do you prepare for these challenges? Your best bet is to download the mobile app ( and follow us on all of these channels so that you don't miss any details:


twitter icon jw.png   fb icon jw.jpg  insta icon jw.png


But wait, there's more!

We also have prizes for a select few who collect ALL the badges (and we really mean all of them because that takes true dedication). The first three attendees to earn all of the JiveWorld badges will walk away with a pair of Dre Beats headphones. Not bad, right?!


Here's a preview of some of those nifty badges you can look forward to earning, but be on the lookout for more to come!


JW16Game_Preview copy.jpg


If you have not registered for JiveWorld16, now is the time:


If you have any questions about the JiveWorld16 Game Series, please reach out via the comments below or via @JiveWorld on Twitter.

The countdown to JiveWorld16 has begun. We're only three months from the best communication and collaboration conference of the year, hosted at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas on March 14-16. We've created a way for you to celebrate your role in JiveWorld by adding the below graphics to your Twitter and Facebook profiles as you wish through Twibbon. It will look something like this:

Jw badges 1.png

You'll have five unique options to choose from based on your role: speaker, sponsor, champ, attendee and Jiver. Aren't they beautiful?


jw badges 2.pngjw badges 3.pngjw badges 4.pngjw badges 5.pngjw badges 6.png


How do you do it?

  1. Click on the appropriate role:
    1. Speaker: JiveWorld 2016 Speaker - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    2. Sponsor: JiveWorld 2016 Sponsor - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    3. Champ: JiveWorld 2016 Champ - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    4. Attendee: JiveWorld 2016 Attendee - Support Campaign | Twibbon
    5. Jiver: JiveWorld 2016 Jiver - Support Campaign | Twibbon
  2. Authorize the app to access your desired social accounts
  3. Click 'Add the Twibbon' button once you see how it will look. It'll look great.
  4. Bonus points (not actually points, you gamers, just good karma) for sharing on social that you're attending JiveWorld16.


We are so excited for JiveWorld16. I mean everyone has waited long enough, right?

If you haven't signed up for the biggest, conference...of 2016, now is the time: Registration | JiveWorld