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Social - Community - Collaboration - Productivity - Knowledge Sharing


We all know what these words mean and understand their importance, but integrating ALL of these words into our day to day work within our companies is a different challenge.  Jive's platform is a huge catalyst to helping all of these words not just exist in the workplace, but helping them exist cohesively and easily.  Although Jive is the tool to help get us there, adoption is still a huge piece of the equation and it takes more than just throwing a new tool at everyone.  As gialyons, Director of Product Marketing, said in her opening statement, "The #1 driver of adoption of Jive is executive participation."  This simple concept goes a long way.  To drive adoption, organizations do not just need executive buy in to purchase and roll-out a platform like Jive, but the executives actually taking part and engaging with the platform, from blogging, commenting and communicating with all of their employees in a transparent way.  So we know executive participation truly helps drive adoption and that communities can help transform business, but transform is such a broad word, so it was great to hear from others on why communities actually matter and how their companies communities got started.


Why Communities Matter


dougmackay, Practice Leader, Digital with JFive kicked off the discussion of Why Communities Matter with sharing the core ideas that start with a community and the results that follow.



Doug also shared that a community is always on-going and changing in itself.  A statement that really stood out for me was how he explained managing a community: Craft their (end user) experience.  Test it with them.  Change it.  Evolve it.



tamerajr the Enterprise Community Manager at VCE was up next to share about the journey of creating their community and the experience that comes along with it.  Tamera shared that in the beginning they had many channels for communicating and this got confusing for the organization so they had to find a solution.  Below is a shot of Tamera's slide explaining where they started on this community journey:





Laura Lerner with ADP was next on the panel and shared how communities matter over at ADP.  Their Jive-n community powers communication across 166 countries for 55,000 employees, with 1/3 of these employees working remotely.  Laura went into detail explaining life before and after implementing their Jive Community:





After using Jive for over 3 years I still found this session to provide great information.  This session truly shed light on what it takes to begin a community within your organization and how the community roll out never truly ends.   Below are a few bullets to sum up my kew take aways from this session:

  • Know what you want to achieve with your community
  • Create high-level use cases that can be measured
  • Listen to feedback and continuously adjust the community


Thanks again for the great all the speakers on the panel that kicked off Bootcamp - you set a high bar for the rest of the conference!!