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[ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16

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As I embarked on my third week here at Jive, I was very fortunate to be welcomed by an inviting team and company culture. I had spent 95% of my 10 working days in the Palo Alto office, until Monday the 14th. This was the week of JiveWorld.


My initial thought was I would be completely isolated and “out of the loop” since EVERYONE was at JiveWorld. However, I quickly learned that was not the case. I realized the functionality and flexibility of working remote and collaborating with my team virtually was not only useful, but also extremely easy. This work style allowed me to feel included in the event and contribute my ideas and strategies. During the week, there were 3 things that stood out to me during JiveWorld:


Virtual Has Never Been So Physical


This was clearly demonstrated during JiveWorld. As debates on the "Future of Work" heat up, it’s very clear that virtual collaboration is a useful tool for all companies. The need to be in a physical location to experience or absorb information is no longer a necessity.
Many of the sessions from JiveWorld were shared on the
Jive Communities.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.45.33 PM.png


In addition, many of the Main Stage Keynotes are available on


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.32.58 PM.png


The accessibility to the Internet is obviously a major key. The availability to media coverage and news updates at the event was right at my fingertips by logging onto BrewSpace or by searching the #JiveWorld16 hashtag.


Internal communications from our Marketing and PR teams kept all employees, near and far engaged. We used our own products (surprise, surprise!) like Chime and BrewSpace as lifelines. Quick communications were translated into IMs, while larger more substantial updates, were shared as blogs on BrewSpace. This not only made information accessible, this saved time and energy, which are in scarce supply at any conference. This collaboration style literally made me feel like I was there and completely included.


The Hype Is Real


As a millennial and Silicon Valley marketer, I have attended my fair share of tech conferences, especially those in Las Vegas. So, when I heard of yet another conference with the word “World” in the title, hosted in Vegas, I didn’t think much of it. I had heard a lot of hype about it. A few community manager buddies of mine had raved about how amazing JiveWorld is, even threw a fit when their CMO cut budgets for them to attend in 2014.


All I can say after this week is - believe it. The hype is all too real. I have never seen so much positivity from employees and customers at once. Everyone was genuinely excited and interested in the content and knowledge being shared.


There was also a unique musical guest who played exclusively for attendees. Free concert is always a good concert.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.00.37 PM.png


As cliche as this will sound, there was a true sense of community at JiveWorld. The event definitely lived up the hype.


The Love Is Mutual


Customers love Jive and Jive loves them back. This is obvious. If you were at JiveWorld and/or are a Jive customer, you feel the love connection. It’s powerful. It’s also refreshing. The passion and realness of customers’ stories and experiences was pouring out of my computer and phone. It’s a great feeling to see that deep appreciation on both the client and customer side. There was a sense of pride I developed during JiveWorld. It’s nice to know, I am now apart of that appreciation and get to help continue to provide those positive experiences to customers.




So, overall it was a pretty amazing (or brilliant) JiveWorld if you ask me. Yes, I will admit there was a part of me that was envious of my coworkers who were jet setting off to Sin City. But, I would argue that some of them were probably equally as envious of my “office” during JiveWorld.




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