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After seeing england_k's dynamic presentation this morning during our keynote session, I knew I wanted to attend her session on The specified item was not found. journey to the cloud. The purpose of Kim's session wasn't just to answer the"why cloud?" question, but to provide insight into how moving your community to the cloud positively alters the rhythm of your community.




Pearson's community, Neo, has been using Jive since 2010. They launched to rapid adoption, and went through a few cycles of upgrades before they began to consider moving their community to cloud. Kim provided a ist of considerations Pearson went through as they considered "to cloud or not to cloud?"


These considerations included:


  • Pearson's current technology landscape
  • their community look and feel
  • upgrade resources available
  • community expectations
  • customization limitations


Taking these into consideration, the Pearson team ultimately asked themselves, "What is our vision for our community going forward?" and decided to proceed with their upgrade to cloud despite the fact that they had to give up some of their existing customizations. Their new news homepage has dynamic content and a fresh feel compared to the older version of Neo, and upgrades in the cloud have eliminated the feeling that Pearson had to skip over the latest upgrade release because of lack of resources.


Overall Kim's session provided a great overview of how Pearson addressed and overcame  their initial concerns about migrating to cloud, the positive impression it had on their community, and Pearson's plans for Neo moving forward.