Analytics @ Jive: Measuring Your Customers’ and Employees’ Journeys

Blog Post created by spharticus on Mar 18, 2016

Analytics @ Jive: Measuring Your Customers’ and Employees’ Journeys

Being the first presenter after lunch is not an enviable position, but udit.shah stepped right up!


Udit is a Jiver, and is the Director of Product Management for Analytics. Udit shared Jive analytics offerings and advice on using them to measure your community. As you know Jive doesn't like to give away too much on the future of their products, but he shared some of the roadmap with us.


What do you measure?

There is an evolution of analytical needs that changes as the community ages, assuming they are maturing at the typical rate. Mature communities want easy access to data for advanced analytics. Younger communities want standard reports and best practices to track usage and adoption. Jive's analytics platform covers three areas:



The first category is community health, adoption and user engagement


These are community engagement metrics - typically used to measure your community as a whole.  The engagement analytics show vibrancy, engagement, and that the community is "sticky". Stickiness is a general engagement metric term that reflects how many users are coming back to your community. Some of these metrics are:


  • The adoption chart is a weekly source for trends. In general you want your users to move from active to contributing.
  • Engagement analytics show a high level view of community engagement
  • Content metrics show trends for specific types of content, which tell you how your use cases are resonating with users
  • The new community analytics reports show things like user to user interaction, and overall community engagement.


The new user to user interaction report helps Identify siloed or dis-engaged teams. You can not only look at user to user interaction, but in a future release you can also see department to department, job title to job title and other filters similar to what you would see in other places in Jive. Currently some of these metrics are only available in the cloud, but are being deployed to non-cloud environments soon. Also of interest (maybe only to me) was that export to .csv will be available for the engagement analytics reports, just as they are now with the CMR.


Contextual Analysis  


Contextual analytics track community sentiment. This type of metrics identifies your most influential content or users, and the Resonata client can send alerts when negative analysis/sentiment occurs. This type of analysis is usually found in more mature communities.


Resonata is the Jive tool that has this functionality. The software is available but is typically an extra fee (talk to your account management). When you add this view to your community metrics, you can dig more into why a team is not engaged, or only communicates within itself. You can also look more at active and engaged teams, and find trends that you could take to other groups/teams.


Content and personal analytics


Content and personal analytics measures the adoption of one content item, or personal insights to see reach, impact, and influence of an individual user. Personal analytics are coming to Jive-n soon. What can you do with this?

  • Identify the influencers to connect them with others (mentoring? new users?)
  • Identify influencers per content piece

The data comes from the community, and is similar to impact metrics but with a community view, not just limited to one content asset.  As part of the push for the new mobile apps, expect insights on the go to be coming soon. Using Jive Daily or Jive Circle, you will have mobile access to analysis for content or people.


Jive Analytics Roadmap


Udit would want me to say these are forward looking statements, not guaranteed, etc....   And my apologies in advance for the crooked pictures.


  • CMR Reports updated with a revised user experience measurement, and updated definitions to align with Jive site wide


  • New Support Analytics allow you to track discussion status and responses


  • New event analytics track RSVPs, sentiment and reach for each event (similar to impact metrics but for events)


  • Alerts will be available and can be set for key triggers. This can help smaller teams manage their communities without being tied to the reporting.



  • Resonata updates to include inbox alerts/updates to your Jive-n or Jive-x inbox, integration with community analytics and analytics visibility for group owners.


  • Updates to video analytics include video adoption and play-through, as well as engagement and drop-off.



Thanks to Udit for a great informative session. I'm looking forward to seeing these updates soon!