My Three Take-Aways from Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Blog Post created by biray on Mar 16, 2016

I haven't met any community manger who doesn't want to learn tips and share practices on increasing member engagement in their communities. That's the holy grail of CM, right?! Therefore, obviously, I couldn't leave Jive World without attending the session Pick me, engage me, thrill me! Getting and keeping your audience engaged. Here were my three take-aways from the session.


Know Your Audience. Have a Goal. Pick things you can accurately measure.

deannab shared an overview of Cisco's integration of gamification into their live events (CiscoLIVE developer conference). She started with re-iterating the importance of knowing your audience (which we all know is key). But more importantly, she talked about ways to leverage gamification for engagement metrics. daysha stressed the importance of goal-setting, as well:


  • Determine what measurements are most important to your organization
  • Determine how you will measure your member/user engagement
  • Identify time intervals on which to measure your metrics


Another cool thing Cisco did was have a mission before the conference -- conference participants who completed the mission would get a t-shirt which they could then wear at the conference (hello - extra special swag, right?!)


What happened after the CiscoLIVE event? Their (DevNet) users exposed to the CiscoLIVE event gamification returned to the community 23% more often than (DevNet) users who were not exposed and 71% more often than all other community users. 33% of DevNet users have been active for at least 1 year post-event.


LOG OUT. Then, view your community.

This, of course, works only if you have an open community. daysha suggested viewing the community from an outside perspective to really help community managers learn something about the community from the general viewer perspective. This makes total sense! Depending on your community design (and permissions), it's important to see the types of content to which non-members are drawn to and the kinds of behaviors they have.


Use the announcement feature in the JIVE to promote content that is trending.

This is an interesting suggestion, actually. And I can see how it might help push featured content in community members inboxes (instead of always relying on the 'featured content' widget.)


Sometimes the simplest, most obvious solutions are the most impactful.


Thanks for a great session!