A Workday without Screens in your Future?

Blog Post created by briandavidjohnson on Mar 11, 2016

As computational power shrinks, intelligence will surround us.  We'll have smart office buildings, smart cars, smart you-name-it.  So what do we do with all of that "smartness"?


I've been thinking about this all week.  What will it feel like to live and work in a world where there is no limit to intelligence and connectivity.  I have a few opinions that I'm weaving into my JiveWorld16 talk but I wanted throw one out there.


Imagine a future without screens.  In the geeky engineering world we call it I/O - that's Input and Output.  I/O is how we talk to the machines and how the machines talk to us.  The main I/O that we use today is a screen.  This is a good thing because humans are extraordinarily visual.  We like screens.  But if we are surrounded by intelligence couldn't those screens go away?


Now imagine a future where you didn't have to look at a screen all day.  Imagine if you could act and interact with your computer and all your devices by simply talking to them.  Or even more interesting imagine if you could interact AND program your devices by just living and working around them.  Your apps and productivity tools would know you and understand what you needed to get done.


I'm not saying the machines would do all the work for us but they would be much more integrated into how we work.


I got to thinking about this because I was reflecting on this week's futurecasting.  I realized what I was doing wasn't acting and interacting with my computer.  This week I've been acting and interacting with everyone on this platform. Imagine a workday without screens where you interact with your machines as a proxy and connection to your team and co-workers.


The technology melts away and you are now simply collaborating but in a whole new way.


What do you think a workday without screens might be like?

What would it feel like?

Most important what would you want it to be like?