Driving Adoption and Engagement

Blog Post created by Kathryn on Mar 7, 2016

I've been helping companies become more collaborative, open and transparent for many years, and have had the privilege of working with and learning from many of you.  I'm also the co-curator of the Employee Communication and Engagement track at Jiveworld for the past few years, with my colleague and friend Claire Fletcher.  When we thought about what to include, we reflected on what customers typically ask us, as well as areas where we see the most challenges when helping organization regain momentum.  Some organizations don't know how to help their employees work in a new way, and I talked about how Working Out Loud can help.  But another area where I see an issue (and see if you can relate) is when I meet a small but mighty group of people who are trying to do this by themselves.  I can't think a single successful community where a small group of people have been able to do this alone.  That is why Jive stresses the importance of ADVOCATES!  This year we have dedicated an entire session on this CRITICAL topic.  In Your Adoption Secret Weapon, stephaniemrodriguez from RBC and jblatt from Cisco will talk about how to really make these programs work.  If you are looking for some inspiration and great, practical suggestions, make sure you attend.  These tips can apply to large and small organizations -- or whether you are well funded or more "scrappy".  This is one of the most important components to driving and sustaining adoption - so don't miss it!!