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Do You Like Video Games or Technology Trivia?  You Could Win a $100 Gift Card at JiveWorld16!

Blog Post created by Ryan Rutan on Mar 4, 2016

jw16-dev-trihackathon-shirt.jpgAs you may have read in previous posts,

you might have gleaned that the Jive Developer's are putting together something fun over in the Hacker Lounge, and yes ... you are invited to play!


Not a Developer? No Problem!

Even if you are not a developer, chances are that you know someone who is.  Sure you may not dive into the code, but chances are there is something you'd like to know more about, when it comes to how to maximize your investment in the Jive platform.  Perhaps you'll be asking questions for someone back at the office, or you are just curious?  Each is fine.  We've put together some great exercises and intro materials to help show you the power of the Jive platform.  Our hacker lounge staffers will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.  If by some off chance you have time to stay and check out some of our latest innovations for building quick light-weight integrations ... you might even leave with a solution (or two).  Maybe even a limited-edition tri-hackathon t-shirt!


Not Interested In the Coding?  No Problem!

In our new format, we have 2 categories where it is literally open season for anyone to win.  They are the Technology Trivia and Video Game Challenges.


Technology Trivia Challenge is Open to Any JiveWorld16 Attendee ($100 Gift Card)

On Monday, March 14th @ 10:00am PT, we will turn on the Technology Trivia portion of our Tri-Hackathon.  To access the survey, simply visit the JiveWorld16 page in the Jive Developers community.  The trivia quiz will be embedded into a Tile on the main page, and is powered by TemboSocial Polls & Surveys.  The challenge ends on March 16th @ 3:30PM PT, the Trivia Challenge will come down and we will declare a high score winner.


Video Game Challenge is Open to Any JiveWorld16 Attendee ($100 Gift Card)

The week of JiveWorld, we will announce an official JiveWorld16 Tri-Hackathon Video Game.  We will have an arcade cabinet setup in the Hacker Lounge where you can come and play the game.  If you have the high score by the end of the conference, you win a $100 Gift Card.  (Hint:  The game is a classic game and may/may not be present in the photo below)


Well that's it ... lots of fun awaits those who enter the Hacker Lounge.  Worst case, you know we'll have tons of ways to charge your electronics! =)


Hope to see you at JiveWorld16! =)

Ryan Rutan

Director of Developer Evangelism (and cool + fun stuff at JiveWorld16)