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Time to Get Excited About JiveWorld16 Boot Camp!

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Dec 21, 2015

Believe me, I know. Right now all you can think about is preparing for the holidays. We've got Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's Eve mere days away, so why should you be worrying about JiveWorld?





Imagine a conference session that goes a little something like this: Hey buddy, high-five! Fist bump!


Specifically, I'm talking about Boot Camp. And not because it's my baby and I'm in charge of pulling all of the pieces together. No, not just because of that.


Boot Camp is like conference summer camp. Or like kindergarten for communities, but in a good way. Not the hair-pulling and paste-eating parts of kindergarten. But the fun, learning, game playing, everybody gets a chance to play kind of kindergarten. Yay!

Maybe we need a parachute at Boot Camp.


No seriously.


The agenda is going to be amazing, the intent is to provide you with tangible information for launching your own community, punctuated with customer stories, games, and table activities. Let me sum it up below (times are approximate):

  • Welcome and Ice Breaker (8:00 am)
    After explaining what you are going to learn, we will lead you through a fun-and-easy ice breaker so that you can get to know the people sitting at your round tables.
  • Why Communities Matter (8:30 am)
    Maybe you're not convinced or maybe you are—or maybe you still have some convincing to do internally. It helps to hear from the experts about the top objectives for communities as well as how they bring value to their companies. We'll also talk about the top kinds of use cases.
  • Phase 1 of Launching a Community: Plan (9:30 am)
    We will help you define your community (real or imagined), develop community missions and goals, name the community and talk about the different types of communities. Along with your table-mates, you will discuss your top 3 use cases and your criteria for success.
  • Phase 2 of Launching a Community: Design & Build (10:30 am)
    We will cover what you want people to do/feel when they hit your home page, the key places (destinations), layout how-to for designing a home pagenderstanding place layouts, widgets, tiles and more.
  • Lunch (12 noon)
  • Phase 3 of Launching a Community: Launch (1 pm)
    Get to know the four pillars of launch planning: communication, education, recognition, advocate/champions! We will talk about content prep and adoption tactics as well as share a few customer examples with you.
  • Phase 4 of Launching a Community: Manage & Grow (2 pm)
    Learn about the governance models and necessary roles for your community. We'll tell you more about measurement and how to make it happen for your use cases.
  • Summarize and tell us what you learned! (3:15 pm)
    At this point, you've been working all day with your table-mates, so we want to hear what you've come up with for your communities! What did you name it? What are your top three call-to-actions for your community? Did you win at launching a community? Yes, there is even a Boot Camp game!
  • How to Survive JiveWorld (4 pm)
    Now you are ready to tackle the rest of the conference! We've got a few long-time JiveWorlders who are going to talk about the key ways to get the most out of the conference.
  • Release you into the wild! (4:45 pm)
    Take a little time for yourself before cocktails or dinner. Simmer in your head about what you've learned.


What if you have questions after Boot Camp?

Experts will be on hand in the Jive Booth (in the exhibit hall) to answer your questions and help you work out any kinks in your community launch plans.


So if you are considering launching a community, or in the middle of launching a community, you should sign up for Boot Camp to gobble up all of the learning you possibly can. Plus, with the round table format of Boot Camp, you are bound to meet some incredible people that you can continue to know and grow with during JiveWorld and even afterwards, here, in the Jive Community!


Already registered for JiveWorld and want to add Boot Camp to your schedule? We can fix that, simply email: with your request.


Haven't registered for JiveWorld yet? Get on the Boot Camp train!


JiveWorld16 Agenda: March 14-16, 2016



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