Libby Taylor

Dos and Don't for Attending JiveWorld

Blog Post created by Libby Taylor on Dec 8, 2015

Believe me when I say that the minute January 1 comes and the calendar turns over to 2016, JiveWorld will seem like it's right around the corner. You might think JiveWorld is just another user conference and you can leave your planning to the last minute. If you did that, you'd most likely miss some of the great things JiveWorld has to offer.


Below are some Dos and Don'ts to get you thinking about what you want for your own JiveWorld experience. Thanks to trishaliu and Emilie for pulling this list together!



Wear comfortable shoes just like OK Go did at JiveWorld14


Dos and Don'ts


DO Install the JiveWorld Mobile App

  • Follow the [ARCHIVE] JiveWorld16 space to find out when the Mobile App is available from the app store
  • Probably one of the best event mobile apps you'll see, it's award winning!
  • You can stay on top of your schedule, find out where to go for events, and play JiveWorld games


DO plan your schedule

  • What are your interests and needs?
    • Internal / external community
    • Industry
    • Product features
  • Can you divide and conquer?
  • Be flexible, embrace the serendipity
  • Look out for recordings for the sessions you missed
  • Build your custom schedule in the Mobile App by picking sessions from different tracks


DON'T be afraid to speak up during sessions

  • Ask questions, even ones you might think are silly
  • Share your anecdote/story, people want to hear it


DO introduce yourself and meet people

  • Don't be afraid to introduce yourself during event
    • Network, and collect business cards
    • Connect with people on the Jive Community
  • DO share as much as you can about your project and the goals for your community
    • Use the attendees as a sounding board for your ideas, gather some new ones, you're surrounded by experts and like-minded people - it's time to geek out about community!
  • Introduce yourself to Jivers, they want to meet you!
    • Meet Ryan Rutan, Libby Taylor, Gia Lyons and more! Look for us in the Jive Booth
  • Building your connections is probably the most valuable thing you will take home from JiveWorld - where else can you sit in a room with 100s of other community managers at the same time?


A well-stocked first aid kit is always a good idea


DO prepare yourself

  • Aspirin
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Phone and computer charger
  • Business cards
  • Extra layer
  • Room key!


DO pace yourself - DON'T worry if you feel overwhelmed. It's normal!

  • Might feel like drinking from a fire hose
  • We were all newbies at some point
  • There is just too much goodness to try and pack it all in. There's always next year.
  • Take a mental break when you need it (p.s. there have been ice cream breaks in the past!)


DO Share the experience

  • Take notes, pictures, tweet and blog


DO relax and have fun


Showing at Aria, Zarkana™ by Cirque du Soleil® is a spirited voyage through an abandoned theater where an extraordinary circus comes back to life.


DO bring back new ideas and lessons learned to your own community When you get back tot he office (and feed your cat)

  • Think: How am I going to get sent back next year?
  • Jive is creating a presentation that you can share with your boss - look for it in the JiveWorld community group and on SlideShare
  • Suggestion: Jive World Trip Report on your internal blog


DON't ignore the Jive Community after JiveWorld


For those of you who have attended JiveWorld before, what tips and tricks would you add?