• How are you managing content that needs to be archived?

    Particularly documents.  Do you have a process in place that's working?  We are hearing that people are concerned Jive will turn into a dumping ground, similar to SharePoint.
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  • Attention Bay Area User Group Attendees We Have Our Topics!

    Thank you to all of you who sent in your breakout session requests! The interesting thing is that most users had the same requests. Our three sessions will be on the following topics:   1.  Increasing Engagement, Int...
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  • Calling for Topics? What's Keeping You Awake At Night?

    We are planning our next rolling Bay Area Jive Users Group Meeting on July 21, 2011. SAP will be our host company. Stay tuned for more details... In the meanwhile, let us know what topics are keeping you awake at nigh...
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  • Bay Area Co-Working Day and User Group Meeting - August 15, 2017

    We are excited to announce that the Bay Area User Group and FileMaker will be hosting the next user group meeting on August 15, 2017. In conjunction with this meeting, we will also be debuting our first Co-Working Day...
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  • Update on Santa Rosa Fire: Bay Area User Group meeting - October 2017

    Due to the fires that are still ongoing in Santa Rosa and neighboring areas, we are going to cancel or move the location for next week's . Our thoughts are with our local community, with those who have lost their home...
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  • Yammer & Jive

    Hey Guys,   I have been hearing allot about yammer and want to get the groups opinion on the service and find out if there Jive integration or plans to.
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  • A Valuable Time Had By One and All...

    Yesterday, was our first Rolling Jive Users Group Meeting and a valuable time was had by all attendees! The meeting was a mix of business and technical discussions. Several companies were represented including: Junipe...
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  • Can you share your Enterprise Community Manager job description?

    There are some organizational shifts going on at my company.  It would be useful for me to have several versions of the ECM job description to evaluate.
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  • We Have A Place and A Time--Are You Attending Rolling BA Users' Group Meeting?

    2011 Rolling Jive Bay-Area Users’ Group Meeting This is the first Bay-Area Jive Users’ group meeting hosted by users.  We are looking to have a rolling meeting every other month. Please let us know if you can host our...
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  • Bay Area User Group - are you planning on going?

    If so please RSVP here.   Given that NetApp has been generous enough to host the event, we need to adhere to their security protocol and provide a list of user group attendees in advance of the meeting on March 31st...
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  • When is the next Bay Area User Group Meeting?

    And where? I'm a new-ish community manager and don't want to miss it!
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  • Anyone interested in a Gamification discussion /demo at one of the upcoming JBAUG sessions?

    I am a strong user/ creator of gamification. I have been using a great new application for ramifying and it will work with Jive. Anyone interested?   Let me know and I can prepare a PPT and possibly a demo.   Noreen
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  • Who will host the Bay Area Jive User Group Meeting in February?

    If you're interested in hosting our Bay Area Jive User Group meeting in February, please chime in below.  We have been meeting in the mid-late afternoons typically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Which date tha...
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  • Planning underway for next BAUG meeting at Hitachi Data Systems, 29 November 2012. Who's in?

    Thursday, November 29th 3:30 or 4:00 pm to 5:30 ish?   Changed due to conference room scheduling and adjusting for travel schedules.    Hitachi Data Systems is located near the San Jose airport at the intersecti...
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  • Do we have our next meeting scheduled?

    I was wondering if we wanted to get together one more time before the end of 2011.  Any plans? 
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  • Is anyone using, or familiar with this content management application?

    7summit content manager
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  • Draft Videos?

    Hello,   I have a simple user issue - I created a video in a group, saved it as a draft but now I can't find the draft to publish it!  I know I'm missing something simple.  Help, please!   Thanks!
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  • Anyone interested in another meetup at JW12 for our user group?

    Are most of you arriving on Tuesday?  Perhaps we could plan to gather in the Vesper Bar like last year to catch up, discuss the sessions we plan to attend, have a drink etc.   Is anyone interested? We could also chan...
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  • Give us feedback on a new Jive product and get $50

    Hi everyone,   We're looking for people with external communities (JiveX) to help us out with some research. We're working on a new product for corporate communications, and we're looking for people who don't current...
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  • Bulk Management?

    During the June Bay Area User group breakout session for the external facing communities, attendees wanted to know if other Jive customers have experience with bulk management? We identified issues with uploading,...
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