• Should User Group Meetings Include Virtual Attendees?

    Let's face it.  We are all busy, and while we all see the value in attending a user group meeting, we may not have the time to travel to the meeting site.  There are numerous advantages in attending a user group in pe...
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  • What date works best for BAJUG meeting #3

    I can host at the Genentech building at 611 Gateway Blvd in South San Francisco.
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  • Need Input: Future Meeting on fixed day or stick with fluid dates

    For the past year our bi-monthly meetings have been held based on whenever we could secure a date from whoever was hosting, rather than a fixed day/time ("the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2 pm).   Moving forward do ...
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  • Need Input: Fixed location or rotating hosting

    For the past year our bimonthly meetings have been held at various locations including Sunnyvale (twice), Palo Alto, and San Francisco (twice). Would you prefer we stick to a single location? Or would you prefer to ke...
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  • Looking to Spice Up Our Next User Group Meeting Please Respond

    I have reached out and am looking to invite various app creators located in the bay area to compe buy and speak about thier offering. Would that interest you?
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  • JiveWorld Meetup Preference

    Which do you prefer (if you're okay either way leave a comment after voting for one or other)
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