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IMG_9718.JPGYesterday was my first Bay Area User Group meeting. If you haven't been to a user group meeting yet, find one near you and GO! There is no reason not to, unless you don't want to meet great people, see smiling faces, learn about Jive and how others are utilizing it, and meet great people - did I already say that? It's a unique opportunity to connect with other customers and share ideas, and also hear about the product in person from the people who helped create the product!


As one of the largest user groups, we had about 40 attendees, including Jivers from the Bay Area, Portland and even Israel. In the Jive ranks, we had employees from Product Management, Product Marketing, Customer Marketing, Engineering and me - your friendly neighborhood spiderman community manager. Companies represented at this user group meeting included Plex Systems, Oracle, Cisco Systems, and partners Social Edge and Bunchball.


For this meeting, MapR generously hosted us at their San Jose branch, thanks kwhipple and team! Driving us along with the agenda and also a planner of the event was the BAUG leadership team: kim.nelson, mack_torres, mpapacica, and jsummers.


The learning portion

We started with introductions around the room, a fabulous showcase of the MapR Community by and a Jive Product Roadmap overview by Jive's one-and-only darshita.maniar. This was followed by short presentations from our six breakout groups led by Jive's subject matter experts. The topics included:


  1. Hosted/ On Prem Innovation - maureen.byrne, Sr. Product Manager
  2. Microsoft + Jive - harini.sridharan, Principle Product Marketing Manager
  3. Storage Integrations - Yuval Twig, Sr. Product Manager
  4. External Communities/ Community Engagement + SEO & Accessibility - gili.guri-mill, Director, Product Marketing and anne.bluntschli, Senior SEO Strategist
  5. Jive Cloud Trends and Use Cases - jeremy.grant, Director, Product Management and Vinh Jones, Director, Product Management
  6. Analytics - udit.shah, Director, Product Management




The last hour was dedicated to breakout groups with 30 minutes for each session.  For my first session, I attended External Communities / Community Engagement + SEO & Accessibility. Of the many things we touched on, I discovered that 3 out of 4 Jive customers in our round table haven't incorporated gamification but intend to do so in the near future. We talked about the benefits of gamification in addition to the hesitation and struggle behind implementing the system. We also got a great discussion going about onboarding customers and the tactics used by companies to bring people in and encourage them to interact. It was a very fascinating discussion!


For my second breakout session, I listened in on a few tables but settled on Jive Cloud Trends. The great feature of the breakout sessions was that conversation was allowed to run freely run depending on what attendees wanted to discuss. We ended up talking about Jive Daily. Our own gadi.michaeli who flew in from Israel and is heavily involved with the Jive Daily production process was shocked that very few people at the table were utilizing the Jive Daily mobile app. Several minutes were spent on demonstrating the features of Jive Daily on katherine.lulkiewicz personal phone and we discussed the benefits and reasons for attendees hesitation to adopt this Jive-n user app. It was a great discussion and I think the customers came away with a better understanding of the product after hearing about it from the person who helped design it.


The bonding (and drinking) portion

To round out the evening, we finished up with Happy Hour at Rok Steakhouse and Grill nearby. This was by far my favorite part of the Bay Area User Group meeting. I had the opportunity to meet and interact with several customers and got to know them personally. I found out that ccxrobo used to work down the street from where I live, and rmedanic and I chatted and bonded over our jobs as community managers. I even connected with some Jivers I had never met in person! It was an incredible experience and I'm already looking forward to the next one!


We'd love to hear what you learned at this user group and any feedback you have on the event!

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's Bay Area User Group meeting. We had a great session with many Jive Product Managers to listen to what's coming and ask them questions.


A few follow up items:

  1. Continue the conversations here:
  2. We are looking for a host for the next meeting (January/February). If you have space for 30 - 50 people, please let us know. We would like to do the next meeting near SF.
  3. We are looking for additional people to join the BAUG leadership team, let us know if you are interested.
  4. Don't forget to register for JiveWorld  JiveWorld17 Registration and Call for Speakers is Now Open!
  5. Did you attend this meeting? If so, take the survey and share your feedback!


BAUG leadership team: mack_torres  kim.nelson  mpapacica  jsummers

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