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INXPO provides as SaaS-based online events and social business TV platform. We're a Jive !Apps partner - our app is called "INXPO" (for simplicity). We've recently written about how you can use our app to facilitate real-time interactions in your internal or external Jive communities:


Internal Communities

5 Reasons to Add Social Business TV to Your Internal Jive Community


External Communities

5 Reasons to Add Social Business TV to Your External Jive Community


The great thing about these real-time interactions is that they happen right inside Jive, via our !App. In addition, activities that occur within our !App are published to the "What Matters" Activity feed of Jive, so your live webcasts, on-demand webcasts and "TV programs" gain some natural and organic promotion with the community.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on complementing your community with real-time interactions. Thanks.

Be sure to register July 2012 Bay Area User Group, which takes place in the afternoon at the HP Software site


I you have questions please contact ebschade


We look forward to seeing you!


Agenda - July 23rd

2:00 - 2:15PM:  Welcome and attendee introductions

2:15 - 2:50PM:

2:50 - 3:35PM:

3:35 - 4:00PM:




HP Software; 1140 Enterprise Way; Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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