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Great session at NetApp yesterday, with about 25 people in attendance. This is a nice increase in attendance, so thanks to everyone for taking some time out from your busy schedules.


This month, we were hosted at NetApp in Sunnyvale. We started the meeting with a great presentation from Shubha Kumble (internal community manager) and Ian Wikramanayake (external community manager), along with John Summers who leads the overall infrastructure efforts with NetApp's use of Jive. They spoke about the process for upgrading their internal and external communities simultaneously, including how they approached pre-launch promotion, awareness and training, and addressing post-launch issues.  They even shared some physical promo items for their internal community.


NetApp indicated that after the relaunch of their communities on Jive 5 they are seeing that page views are up, return visitors are up, and the bounce rate is down. Overall, it sounds like NetApp is very happy with how their upgrade experience went.


After a short break for some NetApp-provided cupcakes and snacks, we reconvened and had a lively round-table discussion. Key topics included internal promotion/awareness campaigns and how external communities deal with spam.


For those interested in hosting in February, please leave a comment in the community.

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