Recorded Webinar: Engage Remote Workers with a Virtual Office

Created by Timothy Davis Employee on Aug 11, 2020

Thursday, August 20, 2020 at

Starts at 8:00 AM · Ends at 9:00 AM, PDT (America/Los_Angeles)

  • Timothy Davis

Aurea customers are adopting Sococo, a powerful virtual office that workers report to every day just like a physical office — complete with desks, conference rooms, and even break rooms.

Watch this webinar recording to:

  • See how Sococo works and experience it yourself.
    In our interactive demo, you’ll see firsthand how Sococo boosts connection and fosters spontaneous collaboration.

  • Learn how to get your own virtual office with Sococo.
    As an Aurea customer, you can start using Sococo today as part of your Unlimited benefits.

Don’t miss this chance to preview one of our most popular, impactful, and easy-to-adopt Aurea Unlimited products.