Release Notes for Jive 6.0

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We're happy to announce the release of Jive 6.0. Here are a few things you'll notice about this new version:


  • Custom attention streams - never miss a post from your organization's rock stars (or the quarterly potluck invitation) again. Now you can create custom attention streams to follow everything you've ever dreamed of. For example, create a stream for Executive Blogs, RFPs from Sales, Anything from My Team, and so on, or consider making streams that indicate priority like Code Red items and Background Info. To get started, click New Stream and use the drag-and-drop interface to populate your streams with activity from people and places you're interested in. Whenever you decide to follow something new, you'll get to choose which stream to follow it in.
  • Jive Anywhere - bring into Jive any content you can view in a browser. Wow! Want to discuss that great candidate you found on LinkedIn? Can't figure out something in Salesforce? From any page in your browser, just click the Jive Anywhere button, select the place in Jive where you want to publish the content, @mention your  coworkers, and leave them a note about the content. Now click Post to start the conversation in Jive! Everyone will see exactly what you're looking at with no clumsy link-pasting.
  • Jive Find- our super-powered search is just... well, amazing. It actually reads your mind. OK, not really, but it uses complex algorithms to predict with scary accuracy what you're looking for based on your social connections and other behavior in the community. On-premise customers can also choose to implement a newly rebuilt on-premise search service.
  • Getting Started Guides for new community members - Using what we've learned over the past 10 years about how newbies learn Jive, we created guides to get them engaged and contributing fast. When new users log in for the first time, they are prompted to complete a few key tasks such as posting a status update, connecting with colleagues, and joining a group. Users can choose to skip the Get Started guides and explore on their own. They can revisit the guides anytime by clicking the Get Started link in the left sidebar.
  • A New Way to theme - Creating a new look and feel for your Jive Community just got even easier.  Point and click your way to match your company branding and make your Jive install unique.
  • Customer Service Solution - Additional case deflection widgets, a CRM integration plugin, and a better guest user experience were all added into the latest version of Jive to help your community drive more cost savings.
  • !Apps - just as with @mentioning, you can now type an exclamation point into a discussion, blog post, or comment, select an app from the app picker, and paste in the app content right there. You can also interact with apps when you see related activity in your streams. When you go to Apps, you may also see apps that have been recommended or pre-loaded by a community administrator.
  • Jive API - Massive improvements to the Jive APIs that will now allow you to create, edit, delete, attach, comment - all through API calls.  Building upgrade-safe customizations and Apps is a breeze.
  • Redesigned Home - A redesigned, flexible Home page combines your Inbox and Activity streams with elements from your community's Overview page. Just pin the area you use most often to make sure it's on top every time you visit Home.
  • Consolidated Inbox notifications - Why deal with the same message twice? We've rolled up different types of notifications (@mentions, shares, and so on) in your Inbox (formerly Communications) to minimize the number of items you see listed there. You can also now filter by participant in the Inbox.
  • Create content right from the Activity page - Now you can create content right from the Activity page by just clicking the icon for discussion, blog post, document, and so on.
  • Search box re-org - We've rolled the Bookmark and History icons into the main Search box for faster navigation. And now your History is broken out into Frequently Viewed and Recently Viewed items.
  • Richer, more eye-catching announcements - New system-level announcements show up on all Activity pages in a scrollable marquee, and all announcements can now include images or featured links.
  • Improved IE7 functionality - Our design and QA teams have tamed the beast. IE7 works just as it should now.
  • Better mobile experience - Video is now supported with the new Mobile native app! Plus extra goodies like push notifications, enhanced email templates and a customizable landing page.
  • SSO - SAML SSO has gotten a much-anticipated makeover, with additional settings for IdP-specific configuration plus improved UI text and documentation. A new four-tab view puts the most commonly used settings up front.
  • MS Office previews - We've improved the uploaded file preview feature for MS Office documents, including preview support in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
  • New and useful widgets - The Featured Person and Featured Group widgets, a customization once only available on Jive Community, are now available in your Overview pages. And as of version 6.0.1, you can now upload images or other files to Jive so they're quickly available for use in your HTML and Rich Text widgets, with better performance.

Removed in This Release


  • Browser Support - Mobile Safari is no longer supported.
  • Database Support - Support for Postgres 8.3  and MySQL 5.0 has been discontinued.
  • APIs - The OpenClient API, which was deprecated in v5, is no longer supported.
  • OpenSocial Gadgets - A previous beta that allowed use of these gadgets on widget pages has been discontinued. Gadget development has been replaced by Apps.


For a detailed account of what's new and different in this release, see the following documents in the Jive Customers Group. If you're not a member, we encourage you to request access to this customers-only group to take advantage of the helpful conversations and content you'll find there.


Detailed List of Product Changes from 5.0 to 6.0


Special Installation Note


Upgrading to Postgres 8.4 Requires Additional Configuration

If you are upgrading from a previous version to version 6.0.0 and you are using PostgreSQL 8.4 for your core application database, you'll need to add the system property -Djive.db.ignore_unsupported=true to the CUSTOM_OPTS in /usr/local/jive/applications/<instance-name>/bin/instance.


If you don't have a CUSTOM_OPTS line in the file, add it. It should look like this:

export CUSTOM_OPTS="$CUSTOM_OPTS -Djive.db.ignore_unsupported=true"

Current Inline Release


Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0.5

Known Issues in Jive 6.0.5

Notable Known Issues in Jive 6.0.5




The 6.0.4 release provides a great many improvements to stability and usability, all of which you can find described in the following Release Note documentation.

This version includes fixes for many minor usability issues as well as improvements to translations.


Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0.4

Known Issues in Jive 6.0.4

Notable Known Issues in Jive 6.0.4




Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0.3

Known Issues in Jive 6.0.3

Notable Known Issues in Jive 6.0.3


In addition to the fixes found in links below, the 6.0.2 release included a number of improvements to stability and usability. Note that due to a licensing requirement, the PDF2SWF utility can no longer be included in the Document Conversion package and requires a separate installation on the document conversion node. The documentation describes how to do this and where to get the RPM.


For your convenience, we're now attaching a CSV version of the information to each of the issues documents below. You can use this new format to more easily search and sort the lists of issues.


Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0.2

Known Issues in Jive 6.0.2

Notable Known Issues in Jive 6.0.2


In addition to the fixes described below, the 6.0.1 release included a number of significant improvements to resource usage and other performance improvements. We also added Dutch, Russian, and Traditional Chinese to our supported languages, and as mentioned above you can now upload images or other files for use in your HTML and Rich Text widgets. Uploading these resources allows you to reference them directly for better performance.


Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0.1

Known Issues in Jive 6.0.1

Notable Known Issues in Jive 6.0.1

Fixed Issues in Jive 6.0 (but not in 5.x)


Known Issue in version 6.0.0 only:


Document Conversion Problem with PDF2SWF on SLES

If you use SLES10, document conversion will not work correctly because of a missing library, libglut.To fix the problem, install the freeglut RPM, which is available on SLES install media:

zypper install freeglut

Thank You!

We hope you'll Follow this document in your Inbox so you'll be notified every time we announce a point release for Jive 6.

And thanks for using Jive to change the way you work!