Dev Console - Disabling App Caching During Development

Document created by davidroe on Aug 28, 2012
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[Note: If you are using for development the following information does not apply to you.]


When you're using the Jive Apps Dev Console to develop internal apps, the Refresh icon shown below allows you to force the Jive instance to reload gadget.xml, showing you the latest changes to your app.




However, you won't be able to see this icon, refresh, or see your updates unless you disable the user-level application cache.


The ability to turn application caching on and off from within Dev Console is controlled within a Jive instance using the Jive system property jive.apps.cache-control.enabled. Your Jive instance should have to property set to true to enable this functionality. You'll then be prompted to Disable cache for all applications whenever caching is enabled. You can continue to develop even if you don't choose to disable caching--you just won't be able to see your app updates by refreshing as you develop.


When you want to re-enable application caching, you can simply click Enable at the top of the Dev Console.


If it is not already there, you will need to manually add the jive.apps.cache-control.enabled property to your instance.