Jive Advanced Gamification Module: End User Documentation

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What is this?


Where can I see the level of a user?

  • You can see a user's status, level, current points and their 'Me in 3' badges by hovering over their name, or visiting their profile.
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How can I earn a badge?

You earn badges by completing missions.  Depending on the community there may be missions for creating of content: creating status updates, blogs, documents, ideas.  Or you may complete missions simply by viewing the correct content, commenting, liking, or other social interactions.  For a full list of actions that can lead to rewards check here:  Jive Advanced Gamification Module (Bunchball): Action List


Where can I see the possible missions I can complete?

  • Navigate to the 'reputation center' by selecting the orange point status by your avatar, usually located in the upper right corner of the jive instance, the drop down will have an option for 'more' details that will take you to the reputation center.
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Where can I see how I compare to my peers?

  • Within your reputation center you will see a 'Leaders' tab, select that to see how you compare to other members and how your current teams are doing in the point rankings.
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What are Teams for?

  • As a user, you can join into a team to compete against other teams.  Rather then just you collecting points for yourself, you now gain points towards team missions as well as your personal missions.
  • Example:
    • You join a team 'West cost team' and see a mission "Answer 20 questions."
    • You and 5 other people in 'West coast team' collectively work together to answer 20 questions in a Jive community and win the competition vs the East coast team.
    • Your team will get the reward for the team mission, and your team point total will be updated in the Team Leaderboard.



How do I join a team?

  • If there are teams configured within a social group, you simply chose which team or teams you would like to be part of.  Joining a team can make new missions available and any points you earn will also be applied your team!
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How do I leave a team?

  • Visit the team widget and 'edit' your teams, you will then have the option to remove yourself from your current team and join another.


How can I use the 'store'?

  • If the store is enabled it will appear within the reputation center.   Visit thee store and use your points you have accumulated in order to purchase items.  The admin can add additional items, categories and rewards - so be sure to suggest future items.
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I purchased something from the store - where is it?

  • Purchases from the store must be approved by the community admin before they are available.  The admin will review the purchase and assign you the reward manually. After your purchases are approved you will receive your item.


How can I see my ranking in places?

  • Community, Space, Projects and Groups have widgets dedicated to showing how you rank in a place.  The admin will need to have placed that widget for you to see your ranking.
  • If you wish to see your personal score in a place, leverage the reputation center to see which badges and how many points you have within the places you follow.  You can also 'flip' the space cards to see how you earned those points.
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