JEP Tiles - Visibility Rules and General Settings

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Document describes settings available in most JEP Tiles

Visibility Rules

Visibility Rules allow you to target content of a tile to a specific audience based on profile field information, language and/or user group membership.


Visibility Rules (OPTIONAL)

A visibility rule determines the users, to whom the content in the tile is displayed.

  • Select Create Visibility Rule to configure who should be able to view the tile.
  • Select Continue w/o Visibility Rules to proceed with configuring other settings of the tile

A visibility rule has the following attributes:

  • Title: Name of Rule. Recommended to use short titles
  • Rules: The rule is based on:
    • Language and/or
    • Profile Field and/or
    • Security Group
  • Condition:
    • Match all rules: Content is displayed if users applies to all rules
    • Match any rule: Content is displayed if users applies to any of the rules



Visibility Rule Types:

  • Language: Select a (Jive Preference) Language from the dropdown











  • Profile field: Specify any Jive profile field name and corresponding value. Values are case and space sensitive

















  • Security / User groups: Provide one or multiple user group names (OR correlation). User Group Names are case and space sensitive


Save the Tile Settings.

Visibility Rules successfully configured!

General Settings

Set the General Settings as follows:

General Settings (OPTIONAL)

Specify the Title of the tile.


Enable Display tile title? to make the tile title visible.

Define Headline, set Headline Alignment (Left, Right, Center or Justify) and a corresponding Text Color.

Provide Description and set the Description Alignment (Left, Right, Center or Justify).
Set the Background image, Background position, Text Color and Padding
  • Define the Action label and Action URL Here, enable Open link in new window? to open the Action URL in a new window.
  • Set the Action Alignment and Action Colors to display the button on hover.
  • Enable/disable Use a flatter button to display the Action button as a flat/elevated button respectively.

HTML code with or without Java script.

Insert the HTML code within <div> ... </div> to wrap the content, as the tile already provides the html, head and body tags.

Enable Javascript in HTML of General Settings (For security reasons, access to add JS is limited)

  • Create a User Group (Admin Console > People > Create User Group > with User Group Name as "jep_html_js_approved"
  • Add user(s), who should be able to add JavaScripts to the HTML, to this group.

All JavaScript will be stripped out from the HTML configurations for users who are not added to the defined Security Group.

Select from Google Font Library


Save the Tile Settings.

General Settings successfully configured!


Import / Export


Export / Import Tile Configuration (OPTIONAL)
  • Select Import / Export tile configuration? to copy/paste the entire Tile configuration to another Tile of the same type.