Jive Cloud Release Schedule

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**Please note that any future dates in this table are subject to change. **


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The End of Life schedule for Major Releases of Jive is communicated here: Product Support End of Life (EOL) Dates and Policy.



Jive Cloud Release Schedule

ComponentCurrent VersionNext VersionRelease NotesTarget Date for PreviewsTarget Date for GA ReleaseType
Cloud Core  UpdatedCloudCore-3005.0.2CloudCore-3005.1Release Notes - Jive Cloud CoreAugust 24, 2020

September 26, 2020 

CloudCore-3005.2September 5, 2020HAZDU
Cloud Micro-Services (CM)  UpdatedCore Micro-Services Micro-2.12.0TBDRelease Notes - Jive Core Micro-ServicesN/ATBDHAZDU
RewardsRewards-2.6.0Rewards-2.7.0Release Notes - Jive RewardsN/ATBDHAZDU
IntegrationsIntegrations-3.2.0Integrations-3.3.0Release Notes - Jive IntegrationsN/ATBDHAZDU
SearchSearch-4.4.2TBDRelease Notes - Jive Cloud SearchN/ATBDHAZDU
Activity/Recommendations EngineActivity-2.5.0Activity-2.6.0Release Notes - Jive Activity/Recommendations EngineN/ATBDHAZDU
AnalyticsAnalytics-3.4.0Analytics-3.5.0Release Notes - Jive Cloud AnalyticsN/ATBDHAZDU



Jive Mobile Release Schedule

ComponentCurrent VersionNext VersionRelease NotesTarget Date for Beta ReleaseTarget Date for iOS GA ReleaseTarget Date for Android GA Release
Jive Daily for Cloud



Release Notes - Jive Daily CloudN/ATBDTBD



About the release schedule

This page we use to announce the Cloud component's releases – both recently deployed releases and those which only will be deployed.

  • Current Version and Next Version reflect the component version.
  • Target Date for Previews reflects the date when the release becomes available on UAT (User Acceptance Test) environments.
  • The release notes can be found on their respective page; they contain the actual release dates (for deployed releases) and any notices you should be aware of.
  • Target Date for GA Release keeps the date of the component release to production; here GA here stands for General Audience.
  • Type shows if the release will require downtime. HAZDU (High Availability Zero Downtime Upgrade) here means that the release won't cause any downtime. And Feature means that this release contains one or more new features and may require additional upgrade steps; clarifications are given in the release notes.


Changes in the schedule and release notes

For some of the components, we publish the release dates in advance, when we plan this release. And, like everything estimated, the dates (and version) on this page are not set in stone and may change.


Between a component release announcement and its planned release date, we do not stop testing the component – it continues on our internal Jive instances among other testing environments. If any bugs or discrepancies are found during this stage, the release will be postponed until the issue or issues are resolved (or excluded from the release). When this happens, we update the schedule to reflect the changes. And the cycle continues: we update the dates on this page once the release is rescheduled.



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