JEP - Tag Filter Tile: Configuration Guide

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Steps to configure Tag Filter Tile

1. Go to the Place (Space, Group) where the Filter by Tag Tile needs to be configured.

2. Go to Activity Page > Settings > Add a Tile.

3. Click on External Add-ons in Categories and select JEP: Tag Filter Tile.

4. The Tag Filter Tile settings are displayed as shown below:

5. Click also on the gear icon on the top right corner to access the options to configure the Tag Filter tile:

6. Configure the General Settings as per the guidelines: JEP Tiles - Visibility Rules and General Settings


7. Specify the Filter Settings and Manage Sections as follows:

Filter Settings

Configure the overall the search Filters:

  • - enable Search in the Entire Community; else the search will default to the current Place
  • - enable/disable the Text Filter
  • - enable the Sort feature - Show 'Sort' by
  • - select the Default Sort - sort by Date / Activity or Title
  • - selecting the Column Count to be displayed in the search results (1-3)
  • - specifying the Item Count i.e. the number of search items to be displayed in the search results.

Click on CONTINUE to move to the next screen.

Manage Sections settings

Click on Manage Sections --> CREATE SECTION button to create multiple Sections to group the respective drop-down filters.



Next, in the Create Section screen, provide the Section Title and click on ADD DROPDOWN to add the list of drop-down values. Repeat these steps to add as many Section Titles with their drop-down values as required.






Use the "^" and "v" drop-down values to rearrange the drop-down values within a defined Section.


Click on SAVE, which will be enabled after at least one Section is configured, to save the Section settings.

In the next screen, the Sections configured can be managed as follows:

- edit the Section configurations using the pencil icon

- delete the Section configuration using the trash can icon


- rearrange the Sections along with the Dropdowns by draging the items appropriately.


Click on the 3-horizontal-lines-icon beside the dropdown row to further configure the Dropdowns.

The Edit option is displayed, where the options and tag values for dropdowns can be added by selecting ADD NEW OPTION.









Provide the description for Option 1, along with the Tag 1 value in the subsequent screen.


Continue to create as many Options with Tags as required.


Click on SAVE, which will be enabled after at least one Option is configured, to save the Options settings


7. Verify the Tag Filter Tile screen to ensure that the configurations are completed successfully.


8. Click SAVE TILE SETTINGS to save the Tile configurations.


Tag Filter Tile is configured successfully!



Sample Configuration of Tag Filter TileConfiguration Settings


1."Sections" configured are: SBUs, Projects, Places, Plans

2.In (Section) Places: Groups and Spaces are configured as dropdown values; and

3.(dropdown) Spaces is configured with Trainee Space, Test Space and SME Space configured as Option value




1."Sections" configured are: Financial Institutions, Location Filters, Content Filters

2. In (Section) Location Filters: Americas, Asia, EMEA are configured as dropdown values

3. In the Dropdown EMEA: Germany, Middle East, Africa and France are configured as Option values


Search is filtered by text "poll" - and the results are shown in 3 columns.

- Column Count = 3

- Item Count = 6



Additionally, in this sample screenshot, the search results are rearranged by: Sort Content option: Sort by Title.



The Tag Filter shown alongside displays search results based on multi-select dropdown values in each section (Location, Topics, Artifacts and People).

In the Filter Settings, the following were disabled:

- Search in Entire Community (so the tag-related search is restricted to current Place

- Search by Text (so Tag-related search is subject to the tags matching the Sections->Dropdowns->Options->Tag value)

- Show 'Sort by' (so search results are not auto-sorted)


- Column Count = 3

- Item Count = 6


Multi-select values are connected with AND operator