Verifying and Fixing Custom Theme Functionality in AWS

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  • After the customer instance is migrated to AWS, the breadcrumbs and the Edit, Share, and Actions button stop working on a document page
  • This only applies to custom themes that have modified the default header elements.


Identifying if your theme is effected

  1. Open up any content item (Space and Group pages do not show the blocked navigation elements)
  2. Right-click in the space next to the breadcrumb navigation bar, and choose Inspect (or similar if not using Chrome)
  3. Once you pick Inspect the developer console should open up
  4. Highlight the "custom-header" <div> element in the developer console
  5. Check the blue highlighted area over the header, if the blue area covers the navigation links, the header's height needs adjusted
  6. If the inspected element is a j-wrap clearfix element (as seen in step 8 below) then you do not need to make any changes.


How to fix the header

  1. Go to your avatar (as a system administrator) and click on themes
  2. In the top menu, go to Advance
  3. In "Header & Navigation Style". select custom.
  4. Click on "Edit Now"

    5. On the "Site Header CSS" section, find the #j-cust-head style element


6. Find and compare the heights of the .custom-header and #j-cust-head elements; they should match

   7. Click on Apply

   8. Save & Preview theme

9. When your header no longer overlaps the breadcrumbs, it is ready to publish.