Fixed Issues in Jive Daily 2018.2

Document created by dzaidi Employee on Oct 15, 2018
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Here is the list of fixed issues in this upgrade:


PlatformIssue IDIssue Title
AndroidJVMBL-93'Create a Link' option do not retain the case sensitivity in the URL
AndroidJVMBL-465Marshmallow Permissions Access
AndroidJVMBL-228The RSS Feed Channel shows "Item not found" while opening it on Android 5.1
AndroidJVMBL-227The RSS icon doesn't appear alongside the feed items on Android 5.1
AndroidJVMBL-1252Voters are shown when the hidden option is enabled
AndroidJVMBL-1151RSS Feed icon inconsistent from screen to screen
AndroidJVMBL-1137Page links in document viewer do not open appropriate page tab
AndroidJVMBL-1136Link to a page in a group opens the wrong tab
AndroidJVMBL-1014"Open in app" link throws a blank screen when SSO is enabled
AndroidJVMBL-1007The Share link does not work
AndroidJVMBL-10Pop-up handling on Huawei devices with Jive Daily 2.22
iOSJVMBL-972Issue posting to a blog in personal container
iOSJVMBL-963Users are occasionally unable to create a blog in their personal container
iOSJVMBL-961Clicking the space link does not open the space in the Superlist tile
iOSJVMBL-960Clicking the space link does not open the space in the Helpful Links tile
iOSJVMBL-85Banner Image zoomed and cropped
iOSJVMBL-6In a Group, the Document Viewer tile's description appears as cropped
iOSJVMBL-282Department field does not show up in Jive Daily Profile when the Title field is not populated
iOSJVMBL-249The banner image aspect does not fit the available space in the Banner tile
iOSJVMBL-214Push Notification - Clicking a notification doesn't mark it as Read in the Inbox
iOSJVMBL-1717Back button gets displayed in white color for blogs which have the banner image
iOSJVMBL-16Anchor Links are unresponsive
iOSJVMBL-1566Banner Tiles are not working
iOSJVMBL-1538Banner images appear blank on the News page
iOSJVMBL-1464T, JVMBL-1037Broken links to spaces in the Key Content and Places tile
iOSJVMBL-1009Redirection from the tile to a group is not working
iOSJVMBL-1001Unable to post to own (personal) blog post on Jive daily 2.24