Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes in 2018.3

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Jive Cloud 2018.3 introduces important performance Improvements and fixes. It also remediates security issues found since the last release.


Performance Improvements in Jive 2018.3

Here are the performance improvements in this release:


ComponentImprovement IDImprovement Title

Jive Cloud


Improved page loading speed by 55%

Jive Cloud


Improved auto-query execution time by 29%

Jive Cloud


Improved profile load time by 43%

Jive Cloud


Improved content page loading time by 98%

Jive Cloud


Improved content search speed by 41%

Jive Cloud


Improved space page loading time by 40%

Jive Cloud


Improved places' sub-pages loading time by 30%

Jive Cloud


Improved project page loading time by 15%

Jive Cloud


Improved people search speed by 91%

Jive Cloud


Improved places search speed by 82%

Jive Cloud


Improved inbox page loading time by 114%

Jive Cloud


Improved speed for Managed Versions page by 170%

Fixed Issues in Jive 2018.3

Here are the bug fixes in this release:


ComponentIssue IDIssue Title


JVANT-1227Wildcard search does not highlight all the entered search words
AnalyticsJVANT-1477Participant count does not increase in the participant ladder for a group
AnalyticsJVANT-1478Participant count does not increase in the participant ladder for space
AnalyticsJVANT-1534Graph count is not getting decreased by 1 for Department field after deleting a user with Department field entered
AnalyticsJVANT-1608Could not download csv reports for engagement index and user status on community analytics
AnalyticsJVANT-1691Date format of reports in community analytics is shown as per locale setting of an admin console instead of locale setting of a user
AnalyticsJVANT-1741Profile completion report should be included in a page under community engagement on community analytics
AnalyticsJVANT-2204Top Content report under the Community Usage Dashboard in community analytics does not have a download report icon
AnalyticsJVANT-2205Profile completion report is not loading on a ms-integ analytics environment
AnalyticsJVANT-2219Incorrect user details are displayed when a user hovers on the circles displayed in the Individual Interactions chart on the Personal Insights page
AnalyticsJVANT-2272Detailed view of impact metrics shows an error message after clicking on various tabs
AnalyticsJVANT-2276Global metric section is not displayed for published content
AnalyticsJVANT-2315Participation Ladder section displays "No Data Found" error message when the Date filter is set to last year
AnalyticsJVANT-2334Group analytics shows empty data for content created on the current date
AnalyticsJVANT-2344DES login issue
AnalyticsJVANT-2354Unknown category is shown in the downloaded participation ladder csv report
AnalyticsJVANT-2447Consumer value is displayed as "0" in the participation ladder graph for the created space and group
AnalyticsJVANT-2451Incorrect values are shown in the profile type chart on the Insights page
AnalyticsJVANT-2455Filtering popular content for a user on the Insights page displays content with zero likes
AnalyticsJVANT-2502Customers reports are missing for August on DES
AnalyticsJVANT-2948Profile completion table shows NaN% in all the columns instead of 100% for Department and Title bars
AnalyticsJVANT-2966Helpful Answers count is not getting increased in the Community Usage Dashboard
AnalyticsJVANT-2967The hover pop up appears on any graph in the Community Usage Dashboard takes time to get stabilized
AnalyticsJVANT-3098Content with zero likes is displayed when popular content is filtered for likes
AnalyticsJVANT-3519Community analytics page does not load in the Internet Explorer 11 browser
Database as a ServiceJVINFR-166No logs are added when an instance is upsized with available REST endpoints
Database as a ServiceJVINFR-273Currently, a jive instance can request data from S3 using another jive instance's id
Database as a ServiceJVINFR-433Secrets are not purged for tenancyId with Dev and QA postfix
Database as a ServiceJVINFR-535Jive Core reports NPE from SingleTenancyService when trying to close it and timer is null
Database as a ServiceJVINFR-537An exception occurs when trying to reset a secret in Tenancy
J4OJVSINTG-389Some PowerPoint files fail to merge in the latest JFO versions
J4OJVSINTG-390No avatar is shown and errors are shown in the logs when updating Outlook to the newest version
J4OJVSINTG-1866Error popup messages are shown to close the opened Microsoft tools while updating the Jive for Outlook
J4OJVSINTG-1867Error message is shown while posting a discussion with attachment or embedded content
J4OJVSINTG-1871Error message is shown while publishing a file after changing the format of the file to ".doc"
J4OJVSINTG-1872Occurrence of issues such as the disappearance of added columns and scrollbar when a user moves from inbox to other folders and moves back to the inbox
J4OJVSINTG-1873JiveForOffice/JiveForOutlook add-on installer attempts to terminate all MS Office applications even after a user clicks "Cancel" during the installation process
J4OJVSINTG-1874Users cannot see each other name in the online collaborators' section for a document on AWS
J4OJVSINTG-1884No error message is shown when a user tries to save a file on an already full disk
J4OJVSINTG-1967PowerPoint attachment does not open using the Outlook connector
J4OJVSINTG-2014The help link to the diagnostics tool/documentation is visible in the Jive ribbon on Outlook even after disabling it during installation
J4OJVSINTG-2229Issue in file upload
J4OJVSINTG-2272Date is shown in the mm/dd/yyyy format instead of the configured dd/mm/yyyy format
J4OJVSINTG-2390J4Office allows a non member to be added as an author of a document while publishing the doc to the membersonly group
J4OJVSINTG-2452Help information window showing "404 Not Found" error

Jive for Outlook plugin does not work alongside with MS Labeller plugin

J4OJVSINTG-2724Embedded video section does not show a screenshot when viewed with Jive for Outlook
J4OJVSINTG-3283"Your collaborator did not use Jive for Office" error message is shown while merging changes in Excel and PowerPoint
J4OJVSINTG-3481Reply to a comment in J4O streams section appears only after refreshing the screen
J4OJVSINTG-3782About dialog box does not appear in jive for outlook
J4OJVSINTG-4246Excel file size increases exponentially while being uploaded in Jive for Office 30.7.54 or 30.7.60
J4OJVSINTG-4264JiveOutlookStartup64.exe process crashes while starting MS Outlook
J4OJVSINTG-3960Add-on does not detect that there is no connectivity and does not switch to offline mode
J4OJVSINTG-4071Streams are disabled, inbox items are not displayed, and comment to a post was not possible when Jive for Outlook is denied access to the Startup Reg key
J4OJVSINTG-4359Jive for Outlook with ActivClient Agent enabled crashes when trying to open an encrypted email
J4OJVSINTG-4825Can not publish any document using the Specific people option
IntegrationsJVSINTG-7Restoring a deleted file causes unexpected behavior such as the increase in the file version and change in the title
IntegrationsJVSINTG-30Federated search is not working in the IE Browser after integration of Jive with SharePoint
IntegrationsJVSINTG-86Excel spreadsheets are not showing a scroll bar
IntegrationsJVSINTG-295Can not create a new SharePoint online site when the site name contains square brackets
IntegrationsJVSINTG-361SC admin name is shown under the "Modified By" column for a file uploaded by a user
IntegrationsJVSINTG-373Contents uploaded or created from the Jive side cannot be seen on the Sharepoint side
IntegrationsJVSINTG-2214No search result is loaded if "SharePoint 'View More Results' URL" field is kept blank
IntegrationsJVSINTG-2380Version change in Jive does not get reflected in Box
IntegrationsJVSINTG-2424Everyone permission group is not visible in the SharePoint site
IntegrationsJVSINTG-2885Office365 web parts do not work on a home page
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3498Office365 webparts are not working
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3502Adding a comment with an URL link in Jive is reflecting as a plain text in Box
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3503Adding a comment in italics format in Jive is not reflecting in italics format in Box
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3511Adding a comment in strikethrough text in Jive is shown in plain text in Box
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3627Video could not be downloaded on version 2016.3.10.4
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3784Error while uploading files to certain restricted groups on SharePoint
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3786SharePoint is not synchronized back to Cloud Core
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3787Details and versions of documents do not match between Sharepoint and Jive
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3793Deleted files are not moved to Jive deleted documents directory in Box
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3808File cannot be saved as a draft in a connected group on SharePoint
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3809Files uploaded in the SharePoint site is not synced to the jive group on 9.0.4 for SPV5
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3886Full synchronization does not happen after "invalidToken" is returned
IntegrationsJVSINTG-3899Error message is shown while creating a Jive group with Office365
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4049Synchronization fails for groups containing names with spaces
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4078File upload error after adding SharePoint as an external storage medium

Preview and version shown in Jive does not reflect the content stored on the SharePoint

IntegrationsJVSINTG-4282SharePoint connector fails for CME Group
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4307Activity posted in the Jive group integrated with Office365 webparts is not reflecting in the webparts page
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4308Places cannot be created due to Box integration issue
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4309Different versions of a file are not available under Manage versions of Jive on SharePoint V5
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4465Non admin user is allowed to click on Auth app
IntegrationsJVSINTG-4643Modified by and Version fields are not displayed when a SharePoint user tries to edit a file uploaded by another SharePoint user
IntegrationsJVSINTG-5650Unable to see files link in the Office365 integrated group of HOP environment
IntegrationsJVFINTG-75Spaces in the file name are replaced with %20 while creating a google doc from Jive
IntegrationsJVFINTG-86Spaces between group names appear while deleting a group
IntegrationsJVFINTG-165Dummy group is not deleted when multiple external storage drives are added
IntegrationsJVFINTG-166Space in the subject is shown as 20% after creating a new document
IntegrationsJVFINTG-704Not able to configure Salesforce add-on
IntegrationsJVFINTG-714Facebook pages are not displayed after selecting 'Select Facebook Pages..' drop-down button
IntegrationsJVFINTG-788Loading error while creating a Google document
IntegrationsJVFINTG-862Created Google document, presentation and spreadsheet do not appear in the jive group
IntegrationsJVFINTG-863Created Google sheet and presentation do not sync to the jive group when created from the connected Google drive
IntegrationsJVFINTG-864Cannot upload a png file in any language from Gmail to any Jive group
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1025Could not convert an email with embedded images into a discussion
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1077Cartridge in Office 2013 server is not working
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1204Error Message is displayed on the Jive Anywhere panel after connecting to the Jive HOP Instance
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1256Error message is shown while uploading a file to the Google drive connected group in a 9.0.5 HOP regression environment
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1351Facebook contents in StreamOnce Integrations are not synchronized to Jive
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1357Attachments are posted to jive even after unchecking the upload attachments option during email to discussion conversion
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1400Document preview was displayed incorrectly and alignment was not proper for a discussion that is converted from an email

Error Message received while connecting Evernote Streamonce to Jive

IntegrationsJVFINTG-1744StreamOnce Integ add-on installation issue
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1748Files uploaded from DropBox are not visible on Jive group
IntegrationsJVFINTG-1839Google drive add-on authentication issue
IntegrationsJVFINTG-2003Google drive integration issue
IntegrationsJVFINTG-2008Issue while adding Google drive integration
Jive CloudJVCLD-355

Content that is published to specific people in a place is not appearing in place's recent activity area

Jive CloudJVCLD-859

Editing a document in SharePoint makes the description in Jive disappears

Jive CloudJVCLD-1008No scrollbar is appended while watching a video from a page on the community using the Internet Explorer browser
Jive CloudJVCLD-1029

Full access user cannot invite members to the public restricted group that is created by others

Jive CloudJVCLD-1233City and state are not displayed at the location point for an event item in the event list of the event browse page
Jive CloudJVCLD-1382Not able to convert a discussion into a document
Jive CloudJVCLD-1404EMF file upload failure
Jive CloudJVCLD-1429Unable to restrict comments on blog posts from an admin account
Jive CloudJVCLD-1456Categories and tag filters of projects are not retrieving expected results while limiting the search to the parent group
Jive CloudJVCLD-1468SuperList tile displays the default unconfigured message when results are empty
Jive CloudJVCLD-1507Deleted preset Place banners in Internet Explorer 11 browser are not removed until the page is refreshed
Jive CloudJVCLD-1514

Address is not appearing in available filters

Jive CloudJVCLD-1515Multiple email notifications are sent when a followed user mentions a space/group in a comment/content
Jive CloudJVCLD-1517

New user receives the custom/default welcome email in English instead of German

Jive CloudJVCLD-1526Text tag in the API is missing while using X-Jive-Add-Api-Uris due to the usage of "&" in content
Jive CloudJVCLD-1532Export all checkbox is not working properly
Jive CloudJVCLD-1557Paginator breaks when a new page is created in a discussion with many replies
Jive CloudJVCLD-1570Non-admin users without create private group permissions can create private groups
Jive CloudJVCLD-1663Hyperlinks on an image or a map are not working in a HTML widget
Jive CloudJVCLD-1678Links containing the symbol "-" do not navigate to the correct section of a document
Jive CloudJVCLD-1680

User is able to share documents (sent as PDF) to external users via email addresses

Jive CloudJVCLD-1698Time is reset when moving an event from the calendar
Jive CloudJVCLD-1700Editing the style for the sidebar list header also modifies the style of the tile title header
Jive CloudJVCLD-1710OpenSearch fails to connect when a longer password is used
Jive CloudJVCLD-1722Alternate email profile field allows duplication if the address is suffixed with a space
Jive CloudJVCLD-1782Keywords in content URLs feature allows creation of multiple projects with the same display name in same containers
Jive CloudJVCLD-1802Project past the due date is shown as "on track"
Jive CloudJVCLD-1855Expired events are deleted instead of moved during space merge
Jive CloudJVCLD-1943Voters are listed multiple times on ideas when clicking "+ more" option
Jive CloudJVCLD-1955Browse events page for a place fails to display events shared to that place
Jive CloudJVCLD-1961Internal links in a HTML tile open in a new tab instead of the current tab
Jive CloudJVCLD-2013Unable to add new rows to a table when editing a document
Jive CloudJVCLD-2018Hierarchical view order is not working fine in the super list tile
Jive CloudJVCLD-2031Unable to delete spaces when blogs are disabled
Jive CloudJVCLD-2056Full control space administrators cannot delete videos or ideas
Jive CloudJVCLD-2062Image preview Lightbox fails to display an image when the filename has "%" symbol
Jive CloudJVCLD-2072Updating the display name of a project via the REST API does not invalidate the "Project Display Name" cache
Jive CloudJVCLD-2104Documentation shows initialLogin field as editable and optional
Jive CloudJVCLD-2109Clicking the "View in Context" link for a comment takes the user to the top of the content page rather than to the comment
Jive CloudJVCLD-2110"By date" filter option in a blog does not work when the list of dates is displayed as a drop down
Jive CloudJVCLD-2117Directory Server Settings Primary Host text box is limited to 50 characters
Jive CloudJVCLD-2161Navigating in an enlarged view skips images when multiple gallery tiles are on the same page
Jive CloudJVCLD-2162Orphaned draft place cleanup task fails to delete a group due to existing members not being removed
Jive CloudJVCLD-2171Reply posted to a comment branched to a new discussion during reply is not displayed
Jive CloudJVCLD-2186@mentions are not encoded to "@" symbol in the user profile URLs causing non-English character detection
Jive CloudJVCLD-2219

Corrupt images are allowed to be attached/inserted

Jive CloudJVCLD-2259Long caption for a slide in Carousel is cut down
Jive CloudJVCLD-2522Internal URL that is marked as success breaks after publishing
Jive CloudJVCLD-2548Unexpected error when adding a date to an imported task
Jive CloudJVCLD-2559

"no user found" error message is displayed when assigning users to a task via their userid

Jive CloudJVCLD-2562Imported tasks that have no due date causes an error when completing
Jive CloudJVCLD-2603Badge given by the user message template has HTML content in a plain text template
Jive CloudJVCLD-3259Link to Log Viewer is shown to Full Access minus users upon user deletion
Jive CloudJVCLD-3949Super List Tile does not display the items in a sort order specified in the pasted link
Jive CloudJVCLD-4464Linking to a Page navigates to the root Space
Jive CloudJVCLD-4973Last logged in date is shown in the server timezone instead of the user's timezone
Jive CloudJVCLD-4982"null" is displayed in the syntax highlighting section on Internet Explorer 11 browser
Jive CloudJVCLD-5096User mention is still available after the user is deleted
Jive CloudJVCLD-5127Font appearance in the HTML5 document preview does not match the fonts in the original document
Jive CloudJVCLD-5160Invalid links in the jive_quicktips_i18n_en.xml file
Jive CloudJVCLD-5186Random images in Banner tiles and hero image tiles fail to load
Jive CloudJVCLD-5380Content translation failed
Jive CloudJVCLD-5628"Insert Comment Images" permission is not available as a value in extprops
Jive CloudJVCLD-6843Red bottom banner is seen when login through the "Remember me" feature
Jive CloudJVCLD-6847Table editing in Firefox results in incorrect row rendering
Jive CloudJVCLD-7060Apostrophe characters in direct messages are not translated in the Inbox view
Jive CloudJVCLD-7166Delegate Access plugin issues
Jive CloudJVCLD-7426Document Viewer tile is not available on the top of the activity page
Jive CloudJVCLD-7511ExtendedApi does not set the flag "wasUploadedByApi" to true while uploading a document
Jive CloudJVCLD-7575Audience to the custom news stream for a place do not see the shared content in the "News" section even though the content appears under custom news stream section
Jive CloudJVCLD-7577Adding user visibility or sharing shows that the added user is unable to access the shared content
Jive CloudJVCLD-7619".education" domain has issues in getting registered in Jive
Jive CloudJVCLD-7792Not able to attach an emf file in content
Jive CloudJVCLD-8039User is enabled even though the enable field value is not set specifically defined
Jive CloudJVCLD-8089Add Slide loader and button does not appear in a  Carousel tile
Jive CloudJVCLD-8093Add More Images button does not appear in an image gallery tile
Jive CloudJVCLD-8166Unable to click on "Activity" for user profiles after upgrade to 2018.1.3
Jive CloudJVCLD-8317Checkpoints are not listed consistently under the Task tab in Projects
Jive CloudJVCLD-8449Page navigation option is missing while listing Places
Jive CloudJVCLD-8368RSS widget fails to parse some feed URLs
Jive CloudJVCLD-8807Content Service return an incorrect value for contentImages[i].width parameter
Jive CloudJVCLD-9391Video could not be played, showing a black box
Jive CloudJVCLD-9414Image conversion causes an increase on the GC, which in turn causes regular outages and performance issues
Jive CloudJVCLD-9451Video could not be played
Jive CloudJVCLD-9257Cannot create events when the jive.event.eventAccess.closed.enabled & jive.event.eventAccess.covert.enabled parameters are set to false
Jive CloudJVCLD-9788No padding is available between the body and the footer in custom pages
Jive CloudJVCLD-10331SEEK instance reaches high CPU usage and pods goes down often
Jive CloudJVCLD-10592Jive Release Blog is deleted from the admin console
Jive CloudJVCLD-10621AWS community does not load resources
Jive CloudJVCLD-10853Wrong English to French translation for the text "Group Class"
Jive CloudJVCLD-11016Participants name added to the discussion appear with exclamation/cross mark symbol
Jive CloudJVCLD-11322Added telephone number link appears as a plain text during document creation
Jive CloudJVCLD-11355Page freeze issue in Jive
Jive CloudJVCLD-11396Warning sign occurs on usernames while trying to add share content & add to a group
Jive CloudJVCLD-11452Unexpected error occurred after clicking on skill with special characters
Jive CloudJVCLD-11454Feeds of all the users are not displayed in the list
Jive CloudJVCLD-11556Discussions are included in the unanswered questions live tile
Jive CloudJVCLD-11839HTML tiles throw an error after migration to AWS 2018.2.4
Jive CloudJVCLD-11948Menu elements are out of focus and unusable on Mobile Safari
Jive CloudJVCLD-11981New LDAP users are not synchronized to Jive since upgrade to 2017.1.1
Jive CloudJVCLD-12024Discrepancy between the preview and the version stored in an external storage
Jive CloudJVCLD-12188Could not install Jive Daily add-on
Jive CloudJVCLD-12276Filter emails in the Streams by Mentions is not working
Jive CloudJVCLD-12574Overview page is not listed in the user menu list
Jive CloudJVCLD-12606Non-member is allowed as an editor in a public-restricted group
Jive CloudJVCLD-12653Blog post shows different view count for an admin user and a normal user
Jive CloudJVCLD-12909Not able to publish the Overview page
Jive CloudJVCLD-12913Extended API endpoint __services/eapis/v2.1/content/preview returns an invalid image src attribute for a video thumbnail
Jive CloudJVCLD-13082Filtering the Profile by the special character "&" throws an error
Jive CloudJVCLD-13105Double encoding is applied to the html widget link
Jive CloudJVCLD-14260Different versions of a file are not available under Manage Versions in Jive
Jive CloudJVCLD-14261Maximum number of attachments per document property is ignored in the API call during Javascript V3 API tests
Jive CloudJVCLD-14449Some tags are stripped out in the HTML preview
Jive CloudJVCLD-14579Document cannot be published for specific people from Jive for office
Jive CloudJVCLD-15196Not able to view the PDF version of the content on Aurea51
Jive CloudJVCLD-15901Challenge button does not appear when viewing the Rewards leader-board even after setting the system property propertyservice.playbox.leaderboard.challenge.enable to true
Jive CloudJVCLD-15903Mark complete link is not displayed in the Featured Quest tile
Jive CloudJVCLD-15905Target quest is not visible to users who are a part of the permission group
Document ConversionJVCDM-61User hovercards do not show information regarding gamification
Document ConversionJVCDM-97RTL skill and tag popovers are too wide
Document ConversionJVCDM-127/api/v3 suffix does not work for places and contents
Document ConversionJVCDM-158

Hover card comes up in a wrong place or does not appear while hovering over avatars

Document ConversionJVCDM-296Browser language change is displaying translation except "top badges" word
Document ConversionJVCDM-328Unexpected characters appear where spaces are expected while uploading PDF originated from a Google Slide file and previewing using HTML5 document previews
Document ConversionJVCDM-385Fonts in the HTML5 document preview do not match the fonts in the original document
Document ConversionJVCDM-454Follow and Message buttons have different size
Document ConversionJVCDM-617Deactivated user's photo still appears in a document
Document ConversionJVCDM-631Current document conversion is represented by one version for all the versions of core
Document ConversionJVCDM-662Red banner appears while logging through the "Remember me" feature
Document ConversionJVCDM-790Not able to preview the PDF documents residing in the Policy space after getting converted
Document ConversionJVCDM-912

Errors in HTML document conversion while uploading a large PowerPoint file

Document ConversionJVCDM-957Profile filtering issue caused by the presence of "&" symbol in the Profile field value
Document ConversionJVCDM-1129Videos are downloadable in chrome even when the download option is disabled in the admin console
Document ConversionJVCDM-1149Not able to install the "Rewards and recognition" add-on
Document ConversionJVCDM-1166Mitui-chrome is failing sporadically
Document ConversionJVCDM-1204Not able to play the videos in the Internet Explorer 11 browser

Internal server error is shown while accessing the customers /quest-reports in the rewards console RBOD


Badge title is missing in the Add translation page

PlayBoxJVPBOX-606Quest with a long name does not fit properly in a column
PlayBoxJVPBOX-1137User gains points automatically every time the add-on synchronizes via StreamOnce
PlayBoxJVPBOX-2429User activation issue as the rewards player account is linked to a wrong email address

"events" should be changed to "event" in the text while adding events to a quests page in the rewards console

PlayBoxJVPBOX-2749"Add event" button is enabled when the "Number of times this events needs to happen' field is left empty
PlayBoxJVPBOX-2872Quests are not marked as complete though the tasks are completed by the user
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3247Top participants widget is empty
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3274Badge for the created quest does not get updated with the view event on the discussion
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3355Sent badge is not seen on the user's profile page and on the recent activity page of the rewards page
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3545User did not receive the notifications for completing quests
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3568Completed quest is not appearing as completed when opened from inbox notification
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3719All badges/strategies are duplicated in the rewards console
PlayBoxJVPBOX-3948Missions appear without banner images and quest does not appear due to no images
PlayBoxJVPBOX-4013Points are awarded for viewing own authored document
PlayBoxJVPBOX-4039Challenge button does not appear when viewing the Rewards leader-board even after setting the system property "propertyservice.playbox.leaderboard.challenge.enable" to true
PlayBoxJVPBOX-4041Mark complete link is not displayed in the Featured Quest tile
PlayBoxJVPBOX-4043Target quest is visible to a user who is not a part of the permission group
ResonataJVIA-102User is able to add empty tags in the "Twitter" and "Reddit" fields in the crawlers tab of the management application
ResonataJVIA-108Unable to update a phase on the Mgmt /admin.sentiment page
ResonataJVIA-110Title and Description of one key topic is copied to the second key topic when two new key topics are added
ResonataJVIA-127Clicking on any of the custom reports under the Export button shows an error message in the search results

Headers are missing in the downloaded Excel file that contains the exported list of users or clients from the management dashboard

ResonataJVIA-456Search filter for the reports does not display all the reports even after clearing the search text
ResonataJVIA-469Graph displayed in "Themes" section looks clumsy and words seem overlapping
ResonataJVIA-506Jive Insights Advanced does not allow creating an Initiative with the same name even if the previous initiative with the same name is deleted
ResonataJVIA-905'Click here for guided tour' text is not displayed in bold
ResonataJVIA-906List of available customer profiles are visible in the drop down
ResonataJVIA-926Scheduler crashes if unacceptable value is passed to the interval field
ResonataJVIA-1212New user email notification has incorrect link to the portal site
ResonataJVIA-1320"DELETE TASK" button is not working in the management scheduler tab
ResonataJVIA-1385Clicking on the Support link in the portal directs the user to an incorrect page
ResonataJVIA-1393Error message is displayed during scheduler task creation even when a correct value is entered in the "Interval" field
ResonataJVIA-1417Search stops at 10% on a test environment for any profile
ResonataJVIA-1426Unable to update the jvia-510-2 task in the Scheduler
ResonataJVIA-1515Set sentiment phrase does not work for the portal in the content left overlay window
ResonataJVIA-1681Hide/Show quotes button does not work on the content overlay panel
Search - K2JVSRCH-1407Spotlight search is not able to search content when the search keyword contains the special character "%"
Search - K2JVSRCH-1900Search is not able to find a document containing an apostrophe in its title
Search - K2JVSRCH-1901Matching text is not highlighted in the search results if the text is followed by an underscore
Search - K2JVSRCH-1903'Success' label is not appearing for successful content search
Search - K2JVSRCH-2007Search query with non-term part does not return any results
Search - K2JVSRCH-2693

Icon for the file content is inconsistent in the spotlight search when searched with title and comments

Search - K2JVSRCH-2694

Main search does not display the content icon when searched with comments for file content type

Search - K2JVSRCH-2710

Words are not highlighted for the search keyword that contains the asterisk key in the middle

Search - K2JVSRCH-3842

Search cards are not shown in the spotlight search if the exactly matched result is not the first item in the search result list

Search - K2JVSRCH-3875

Search does not fetch content for search keywords present within a hyperlink

Search - K2JVSRCH-4187Spotlight and main search do not show "External Activity" but shows its sub-menu options
Search - K2JVSRCH-4295Comma-separated search keywords throw an error in the spotlight search
Jive R2E2JVR2E2-705"viewed" status returned for newly created content