Boston User Group Meeting Notes - September 2018

Document created by Helen Chen on Sep 21, 2018
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It was a small group this session but we had great discussions around the following topics:


  • Upgrades
    • Who's on track for updates?
      • CA and Carbon Black previews are updated to 2018.2.
        • Helen notes all add-ons need to be reinstalled. Emily confirms and notes that this did not happen in the past.
        • Gary takes a note to look into CA's issue with Mosaic tiles. John Reynolds is aware and will follow-up.
      • Carbon Black's production upgrade has been postponed to November.  CA still scheduled for end of October.
      • EMC/Dell: Michael says their on-prem instance is getting ready for upgrade from 7 to 9. They are starting UAT now. There are lots of discussions around new features . They are creating a new persistent enterprise-wide navigation that includes global search. (Yay!)
        • Gary shared experiences at a company who did a similar approach but users wound up navigating directly to the platform as they knew where content lives. 
        • Helen shared an approach from a previous company which was lucene-based. Emily notes that this was not an option at CA due to security concerns.
        • CA uses a citrix-based ui to structure the user experience. This approach becomes a performance hit. Emily is starting to coach users how to engage without citrix.
    • Preparing for upgrades
      • EMC/Dell has a new engagement manager who is working to design the user experience and content strategy for the upgrade. They will focus on the new global navigation.
      • Cleaning up old content: Helen asks what strategies are being used for housekeeping old content prior to upgrades?
        • Helen is thinking of pulling reports for business units for content that hasn't been viewed in a while and content owned by deactivated users but this will be painful to pull content reports targeted to this extent.
        • Gary says SE uses apis for community manager and recommends that they review and clean-up.  Often folks just move over old stuff. :-(
  • Social Edge Tile updates
    • Currently looking for ideas for new tiles
    • Tile offerings are now available as a package
  • Favorite functionality
    • Superlists - Helen's favorite used by teams to pull content from one area to another using specific filters or views such as tag, keywords
    • Categories - Gary notes these can be really helpful for local aggregation of content but important for users to understand
    • Interceptors - Gary and Emily use to monitor important keywords
    • Static content - Emily shares that content uploaded as a static resource used to be reliable but recently has been having problems. Helen notes she frequently sees disappearing banner content.
  • 2018 Feature discussion
    • New expanded functionality of superlists
    • Ability to edit navigation allows for rearranging/hiding of tabs. Helen notes this has been the most requested functionality among her champions.  Gary is really excited about hiding the activity tab!
  • Cross-platform collaboration strategies
    • Helen shares new strategy of posting a summary of highlights from Jive community into Slack community announcements to make sure all are informed on important content. 
    • Emily shares that they really have more siloed communities, many users pick a platform and stay there. Each needs to be considered separately.
  • End-user support
    • Emily has been focusing on traveling for face-to-face training in remote offices. Finds that there is a different connection on f2f and often can make the difference in getting a team to buy on.
    • Gary finds that some clients think they don't need the engagement, but there is a huge return on the effort.
  • Community manager peer support
    • These user meetings are great for connecting and learning from each other. Thank you to aureajess for supporting this activity!
    • Emily and Helen have been connecting on Slack.
    • Some teams have other community managers, but they may focus on different tools or communities (external)
    • Aurea conference (New Orleans)  and Community Roundtable (Boston) coming up soon.
  • Next meeting will be in January, with the caveat that we will make sure to have alternative options for weather issues.


Thank you to egullickson, glungari, mikescully for attending!   Please feel free to edit this doc to add notes if I have forgotten any details.