Meeting Notes for Boston Jive User Group - May 9

Document created by Helen Chen on May 10, 2018
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Our meeting this month was a smaller gathering than past, but we still had some great discussions both at the meeting and at the happy hour. It was great to see everyone, including a few first timers. Thank you so much for taking the time to join and for participating in the lively conversations.


We look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.  Thank you to becky.leung and the Aurea team for supporting the Boston User Group!


  • How to manage apps that seem to compete in Enterprise Communities? Examples: Slack, wiki, confluence
    • Having overlapping tools becomes an issue for both knowledge management and training of new employees.
    • Smaller companies seem to have more luck with controlling utilization/applications. Tom @ BDN controls new apps popping up.
    • Anna at AthenaHealth has a separate Corp Comm channel on Slack. They push out summaries of internal community posts to get visibility.  Users can click through to read full article.
    • Confluence is generally targeted at Engineering activities and processes.
  • GDPR - Is this a priority in your community? What are you doing to prepare? How to align with other internal apps? (Gary volunteered to share what he's been seeing)
    • Gary says this is a concern for many communities at this point especially large companies, or those based in UK
    • Jive has api's for admins to use. Using these might not be something that the average CM can undertake. The output is JSON.
    • Social Edge has a tool that allows one click actions for both users and admin. Simplifies use.
  • What version is everyone running on and when are the next wave of updates for Jive-n?
    • 2016.4 is coming out as a patch to 2016.3.10
    • 2018.1 is the gdpr upgrade 2017.1.1 over the next couple of weeks.
    • 2018.1 upgrades for 2016.3.10 rumored for end of summer.
  • Has anyone signed up for Aurea/Lithium conferences?
    • Aurea:  Dec 1, New Orleans - This is right after Thanksgiving. Travel might be difficult. There is no registration fee for this and hotel is less expensive than Las Vegas so this will not be an expensive trip. The conference is for all Aurea products. Not sure if they will continue having mostly customer presentations or include workshops. Discussion of past favorite learnings include analytics, measurement and ROI.
    • Lithium: 3-4 October Austin - This is the day after CR Connect in Boston.
  • TheCR Report on Vendors is coming out soon.
  • Jive Places
    • Any thoughts on the upcoming single place type? We need to wait to see how it is implemented. There will be nuances especially for pre-existing content.
    • Thoughts on cleaning up dead places?  Audit and inform users. Can email or just post announcement in Jive place.  Delete if not critical to business. Or just remove access if unwanted/no response. Set a schedule to review in a year if you archive. 
  • Platform discussion
    • There were a couple of folks with on-prem implementations
    • Discussions on new features. Anna shared tips for Mass DYS team
    • Discussions on how folks are using reporting dashboard.
    • Gary notes that new features are implemented first in cloud and eventually move to hosted, on-prem.
  • Next meeting timing - We'll probably meet in September to avoid scheduling conflicts with August vacations.