2018 Aurea Platinum Support FAQ

Document created by Sarah O'Meara Employee on Apr 17, 2018
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2018 Aurea Platinum Support Updates FAQ


What is new in Aurea Platinum Support for 2018?

For 2018, we have created an updated, even more powerful version of our Aurea Platinum Support program. We’ve made several improvements, which make Aurea Platinum Support even more valuable:

  • Cloud and On-Premise versions - we’ve created two different Aurea Platinum support versions, based on your deployment model. Both versions include all of the enhanced support you expect from Aurea Platinum Support, like 24x7 support, access to dedicated customer success desk, our best SLAs and more; and, now you can take advantage of deployment-specific benefits through Aurea Platinum, like managed upgrades for On-Premise, or Cloud Utilization Audits for Cloud.


  • Dedicated Customer Success Desk - we’ve revamped our premiere customer support approach to deliver a dedicated customer success desk. When you call our 24x7 VIP phone hotline (available only to Aurea Platinum customers), you’ll now tap into a dedicated pool of success associates fully trained to respond to your support issues quickly and comprehensively.


  • New Aurea Platinum Capabilities - we’ve added new Aurea Platinum benefits to make Aurea Platinum even better, like preferred access to hot-fixes and patches, cloud utilization audits that alert you to risk of rogue traffic across applications, and more.


Do current Aurea Platinum customers have to do anything to get these new services?

No. Current Aurea Platinum Support customers automatically have access to all of the benefits updated benefits of Aurea Platinum.


Have any services been eliminated?

All of the services you count on for Aurea Platinum Support remain - although, we have separated them into separate versions for cloud and on-premise. We have evolved our customer success associate role into a customer success desk service. This means instead of having one person focused on your account, you will now have 24x7 access to a dedicated desk of Aurea Platinum trained success associates. We believe this will improve the quality of service by increasing the available resources who are trained to assist you, when you need it.


Is Aurea Platinum the same for all products?

For most products, Aurea Platinum  will be the same for the different deployment models (e.g. cloud or on-premise). Where certain products  have unique additional benefits through Aurea Platinum (for example, Jive with A-List, and Aurea Campaign Manager and List Manager currently) we will communicate those to benefiting customers.


Does the improved Aurea Platinum  cost more than previous versions of Aurea Platinum Support?

No. You get the updated Aurea Platinum benefits for the same price as your current Aurea Platinum Support services.