How to Create a Custom News Stream in AureaWorks

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Creating your own custom stream is a fantastic way to personalize your News page (don't know what that is? Check out A Quick Guide to "My News" in AureaWorks) and get updates without the clutter in your AureaWorks inbox.

How to Create Custom Streams


  • Navigate to My News and click on the "+" icon in the menu bar to the right of Following


  • Decide on a name for the custom stream
    • Need ideas? Try creating a stream for your Aurea product and add related places, people and content. Or you can create a stream for Aurea products you're interested in, a stream for your new connections, or follow Aurea leadership!


  • Once the stream has been created, you can easily drag and drop recommended people, places, and content into the left-hand bar. You can also search for specific people/places/content to follow.


  • You can choose to be notified of these stream updates through Email by clicking on the box in the top right corner. We recommend not getting email notifications as it can get noisy quickly (unless you create a curated stream of critical items you want immediate updates on)


  • Finished? Hit Done in the top right corner and your new custom stream is complete!


Note: Content you've read will stay in your stream for two days before going away. Content you haven't read will stay for 10 days.




How to Add People, Places and Content to Custom Streams outside of My News


Once your stream is created, you can easily add more people, places or content as you browse the community without having to navigate back to My News and editing your stream.


To follow a person, place or piece of content you come across in the AureaWorks community, click Follow, usually found in the upper right corner (see table below). You will see a list of options appear. Custom streams you have already built will appear between Following and Inbox.


By default, the Following box will be check marked, which means you will now follow the person place or content into your Following stream on My News. You can choose to add it to any of your custom streams and/or checkmark Inbox for critical items you want to be immediately notified about in your AureaWorks inbox. Learn more about your inbox here: Getting Started: How to Manage Your Inbox


Location of "Follow" for People, Places, or Content




Editing, and deleting custom streams

  • To remove / unfollow a specific person, place or piece of content you can always click on Following and select Stop Following (as shown as an option in the table above) or unselect inbox or other custom stream if you prefer to follow it somewhere else.
  • To edit a custom stream, navigate to the custom stream in My News (it should appear along the top). Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner. You can add new people/places/content here or remove something from your stream by hovering over the name of what you want to remove along the left side bar and clicking on the "X".
  • If you hit the limit of custom streams (ten custom streams), you may need to delete a stream. You can delete a stream by click on the "X" next to the pencil icon in your stream (upper right corner) or click on Delete stream when in edit mode along the upper right corner.



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