Fixed Issues in Jive 9.0.3

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ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
SSO / LDAPCUSTOM-3120S1"Keystore actions" option is hidden in SAML tab on the SSO settings page
Places, Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3987S1Banner Tile does not auto re-size images to fit the banner
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3745S1Cannot move Widgets when editing the Overview page layout
Content, SearchCUSTOM-4300S1Filtering content by outcomes doesn't work after rebuilding content index
Gamification (Bunchball)CUSTOM-3503S1Gamification: Invisible/Anonymous user behavior not working properly
InboxCUSTOM-2538S1Shares to a place do not appear in inbox notifications when the user is following the place in Inbox
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3301S1Sporadic serialize errors logged in system logs, for Oracle databases
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3639S1Transaction serialization issue with Oracle databases
SearchCUSTOM-3372S1Uploaded content not indexed or returned in search results until edited
SSO / LDAPCUSTOM-3295S1LDAP Group Sync task fails and deletes permission groups if "LDAP: error code 4 - Sizelimit Exceeded" is triggered
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3488S2"Create [tag]" is not read
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2954S2"Mark all read" warning dialog is not read
ThemingCUSTOM-2577S2"Open external links in a new tab" does not open external links in new tab for NavBar
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2952S2"Pressed" is read while focusing on the inbox split view button
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3929S2"Unread inbox items" is read after each menu item in the Inbox page
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3719S2"Unread inbox items" is read repeatedly by screen reader on the inbox left navigation menu
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3535S2"app/edit-place" URL is read by screen reader before each tile configuration menu item
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3457S2"type to filter by text" is read by screen reader before some items
Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-2933S2A number of Macros settings in Admin console are not found occasionally
Records RetentionCUSTOM-1604S2Accepting Event invite is not retained
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3249S2Accessibility - Nothing is read when uploading more than one file
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3248S2Accessibility - Unable to flip back the content cards using keyboard
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2831S2Accessibility - While sending invites, the screen reader does not reads the RBOD in case of incomplete information
PlacesCUSTOM-3576S2An error is thrown on changing the layout of an Overview Page when no widgets are present
Logs, Records RetentionCUSTOM-4251S2An unexpected error gets logged in sbs.log on navigating to the Records Retention tab
ContentCUSTOM-2624S2Announcement creation or edition allows multiple submits by clicking save more than one time
Activity StreamsCUSTOM-2429S2Blogpost stays in stream after moving to a location that is not followed by stream
ContentCUSTOM-4164S2Bulk Edit event fails if the system property jive.event.eventType.required is set to true
AnalyticsCUSTOM-2565S2CMR: Videos are not shown in content creation report
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3260S2Cannot access @mention pop-up to select an option using screen reader
ContentCUSTOM-2889S2Cannot add tags in Advanced Task Creation and Categories
Activity Streams, RTECUSTOM-687S2Certain images display correctly when embedded in a Document but are not displayed in the Activity Stream
AnalyticsCUSTOM-3324S2Community Manager Reports is showing reports up to one day before the latest summarize process (ETL) completion
RTECUSTOM-2890S2Content Editor is unresponsive after copy and pasting text into a comment within a stream
InboxCUSTOM-4063S2Content approved by a moderator is displayed with Moderator as its Author instead of the original Author in Jive Inbox
RTECUSTOM-2968S2Content editor: HTML editor strips out some attributes
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3063S2Content editor: insert image WCAG Level A errors
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3064S2Content editor: insert link WCAG Level A errors
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3065S2Content editor: pick color WCAG Level A errors
ContentCUSTOM-2707S2Curly brackets or space characters in an event's creator email address returns unexpected error when adding to calendar
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3001S2Deleting a tile with an image throws a javascript error
ContentCUSTOM-4132S2Editing the publish date of a blog post scheduled in a future date updates the blog post URL
ContentCUSTOM-3662S2Embedding non-default domain videos is not allowed
Places, Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3885S2Enhanced navigation bar widget shows draft groups
Activity Streams, ContentCUSTOM-3773S2Error adding tag in a comment in the shared document
ContentCUSTOM-3279S2Error message when image exceeds the maximum allowed pixels and doesn't inform about the pixel limit
PlacesCUSTOM-3671S2Expired events are deleted instead of moved during space merge
PluginsCUSTOM-1429S2Export attendees for event does not translate profile fields title to user language
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3518S2Extra text is read by screen reader when writing a review after saving content rating
ContentCUSTOM-3510S2File protocol links don't work
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3439S2Filter people suggestions menu is not activated using space-bar
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3252S2Follow and Message buttons in user popup are not accessible with the keyboard
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3466S2Group creation: "blocks blocks blocks" is read before the group type when focusing on a group type radio button
RTECUSTOM-2967S2Image options popup doesn't show up on clicking an image in Content Editor
AnalyticsCUSTOM-1457S2Impact Metrics view count for some documents does not match the document view count
Activity StreamsCUSTOM-2388S2Inbox preview of shared blog post has an incorrect word wrapping, in Internet Explorer 10/11
ContentCUSTOM-3918S2Internet Explorer: cannot publish a document containing the HTML <head> tag
PeopleCUSTOM-4158S2Link to blog posts displayed on date instead of title in user profile recent content tile
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3606S2Links in banner tile in places pages are not properly formatted
ThemingCUSTOM-2555S2Long usernames are getting cut off in user drop-down menu
Content, SearchCUSTOM-3394S2Main and spotlight search show incomplete results when searching for a tag added through bulk manage content tool
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3419S2Mention menu items are not read by screen reader when creating status update
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3437S2Mention menus cannot be navigated with keyboard on Internet Explorer 11 using screen reader
Accessibility, I18n & l10nCUSTOM-3486S2Minified keyword read by screen reader as description of content listing combo-box
ContentCUSTOM-3798S2Move action only updates the modification date of the document and leaves the username unchanged
ContentCUSTOM-3425S2Moving uploaded image files by Bulk Manage Content causes the file in the new place shows the image twice
DocumentationCUSTOM-2695S2Non-flattened PDFs are rendering incorrectly
Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-1462S2Phrase Substitution rules edit page gives a not found error when the theme name contains a space
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3476S2Places thumbnails: "Followers" is read for each element on the thumbnail's back
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3477S2Places thumbnails:The "Follow" link is read thrice
PlacesCUSTOM-2991S2Preset banner places images are not displayed after upgrading from versions older than 8.0.4
Places, ThemingCUSTOM-4108S2Provide Other Translations link breaks in simple theme tool
AnalyticsCUSTOM-3597S2Queries in DocumentStatusETL do not scale well
Content, NewsCUSTOM-3526S2Quick content creation is missing some content types
ContentCUSTOM-2212S2Ratings do not appear on photo albums in spaces
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2144S2Record retention: initiating direct message conversation generates two different records
Records RetentionCUSTOM-4593S2Records retention: a reference to the attachment is not retained when creating a File
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2226S2Records retention: creating a File is not retained
News, ThemingCUSTOM-4183S2Rendering issues when redirecting to News by login after a session expiration
Content, MobileCUSTOM-367S2Responsive web: Places with overview page enabled have redirection problems
NewsCUSTOM-2571S2Scheduled blog posts show Creation date on News and Streams, instead of published date
SearchCUSTOM-3607S2Search by name for multiple uploaded files does not work properly
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3471S2Share: The instance URL is read before the place selection titles while using screen reader
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-2572S2Shindig calls might be blocked due to returning incorrect Content-Type depending on system strictness measures
SEOCUSTOM-3564S2Sitemap URL fails to load when using the Oracle database
ArchitectureCUSTOM-2239S2Static images added to content, while editing in HTML mode, may not render due to incorrectly formatted URL
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3398S2Stream builder: stream counts are read with no context by screen reader
RTECUSTOM-1587S2Style attribute is not included in published documents created using HTML editor
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3441S2Tag selection state is not read by screen reader
PlacesCUSTOM-3434S2Tagged Content Tile does not provide tag suggestions
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-2779S2Tagged Content tile filters are not maintained
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-1363S2Tall custom view tile renders incorrectly
External StorageCUSTOM-2323S2The "404 File Not Found" error is thrown when trying to connect Jive with Box
Content, ModerationCUSTOM-3393S2The Author name is incorrectly displayed as the original author despite being modified and sent into moderation by a different user
NewsCUSTOM-677S2The Trending People activity container do not display "Top & Trending" activity when the users' creationDate is not visible
ContentCUSTOM-3549S2The exported task in CSV displays incorrect due date
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2951S2The instance URL is read along with inbox 'split view' and 'full view' buttons while focusing on them
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3475S2The place name is read twice and extra text is read in "subspaces and projects" within a place
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3472S2The screen reader reads "close popup" four times before the "remove link" in the share dialog
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2828S2The screen reader reads - "To activate press Space-bar", when focusing on the "Add filter" link on People page, however the space-bar does not activate control
ContentCUSTOM-2383S2Unable to add tags with Quick Tagging enabled
ContentCUSTOM-2261S2Unable to embed Google and Facebook videos
ContentCUSTOM-3776S2Unable to embed Wistia video
RTECUSTOM-1919S2Unable to input lowercase ć in Content Editor using Polish Programmer Keyboard
RTECUSTOM-3492S2Unable to move images in content editor when using Chrome
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2209S2Unexpected error displayed when user without permissions tries to view Records Retention settings page in Admin Console
EmailCUSTOM-1884S2Users receive duplicate email notifications when an event they are following is edited
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3762S2Video activities are retained with Unknown references
ContentCUSTOM-4150S2View as PDF is not showing properly some links
ContentCUSTOM-4227S2View as PDF is not showing properly some links
PeopleCUSTOM-2455S2When a profile field is set to use an option list and set to avoid users changing visibility of the field, and has a default value set, users cannot save/change "Privacy" settings
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-2424S2When editing the Expandable Sections tile and selecting "show more", the parent popup collapses causing tile to not save changes
Admin Console, Email, People, PlacesCUSTOM-3297S2When sending an external user an invite to a jive group, the first invitation sent out adheres to the Jive system locale instead of the language set by the user
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3257S2When using "filter by tags", the sub-menu tabs are not accessible with keyboard
Activity StreamsCUSTOM-3320S2When you edit a user stream and check to see in which stream are you following that content/place, the representation of the community streams is an id instead of their real name
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3259S2While creating content, the tab key needs to be pressed twice to move from the attach button to the next field
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3250S2While moving content, if you cancel in Confirm Move popup you lose the focus in Choose Location popup
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2939S2Inbox read/unread state not identified by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2955S2"Set as default view" in inbox left navigation menu is not accessible
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2957S2Screen reader includes part of the URL when inbox "filter" menu item is focused
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3228S2Blogpost creation accessibility issue
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3256S2"Search by tags" menu header is not read by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3258S2Virus scan info link doesn't provide a text for screenreaders
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3265S2Accessibility - Mark All Read popup is not automatically read
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3267S2Accessibility - Notification content is not read
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3375S2Search suggestions not read by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3390S2Unread item count not read by screen reader when inbox button gets focus
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3399S2Stream builder: "in stream" not read by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3450S2Login page: "Password" field read twice by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3465S2Places: "About" link is read as "navigation region" by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3474S2Places: "calendar" page lacks accessibility
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3517S2Rating options are still focused after saving rating and pressing tab
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3836S2Extra characters in label when importing tasks
Content, I18n and l10nCUSTOM-1286S2All-day Field is not Translated
ContentCUSTOM-2444S2Unescaped characters in status updates with link preview
ContentCUSTOM-3268S2Image not included in announcement email notification
ContentCUSTOM-4185S2Clicking on "Bulk manage content" in projects under space causes wrong redirection
PlacesCUSTOM-3791S2Wrong error message is displayed when a static text file exceeds the max allowed size
Records RetentionCUSTOM-1655S2Records retention: move blog post generates an extra "edit" record
Records RetentionCUSTOM-1708S2Records retention: create event generates an extra "edit" record
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2049S2Record retention: status update creation is not retaining attached images
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2145S2Record retention: Delete bookmark includes content body
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2152S2Rating value is not included in rating record
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2870S2"create task" record stores itemId and itemType as 0
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3243S2User follow/unfollow action is not retained
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3857S2Poll "EDIT" action is not retained via API
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3858S2Poll "CREATE" action is not retained via API
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3861S2Task "MOVE" action is not retained
RTE, ThemingCUSTOM-3970S2Getting Started Tool Tips are not responsive and are cut off when viewed with a narrow browser width
AccessibilityCUSTOM-2956S2"Get started" menu item is read with part of the url
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3251S2Last saved date is read as "Dec 31 1969" for auto-saved versions
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3254S2Accessibility - Mark/Un-mark discussion as question popup is not automatically read
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3262S2Pin filter in Places not accessible through keyboard
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3396S2"create new stream" is read when create menu is focused
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3426S2Text box in "Send invites" dialog is read as "examples:" by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3458S2"to activate press spacebar" is read by screen reader, but spacebar doesn't activate control
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3485S2Browse pages: "Loading" indicator not read by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3516S2Panel contents are fully read by screen reader in Share dialog
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3534S2Place creation screen is read by screen reader without notifying that some buttons are disabled
Activity Streams, Content, People, PlacesCUSTOM-2070S2Activity Stream rules for Hidden content types not displayed in preferences
Activity StreamsCUSTOM-3551S2Items already added to custom streams are not displayed in edition mode
Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-592S2Audit Log > Filter by Date Picker doesn't work
AnalyticsCUSTOM-3779S2Analytics: Changes on dates for Places Activity chart changes also date for Content chart on Dashboard
AnalyticsCUSTOM-3883S2Cannot run custom date range in Engagement Index CMR report
ContentCUSTOM-122S2Statics synchronization task fails too soon, silently
ContentCUSTOM-670S2Links to the tag cloud resolve incorrectly
ContentCUSTOM-1365S2Photo album preview appears fuzzy for images uploaded as ZIP files
ContentCUSTOM-1706S2Video: Error when embedding a video within an iframe
Content, Document ConversionCUSTOM-2935S2Document Converter performance issues when processing HTML Preview
Content, NewsCUSTOM-3423S2Can not unlike an item from the news stream
Email, ModerationCUSTOM-4239S2Email notification sent after item is approved shows wrong author
I18n & l10n, Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-1149S2Image gallery tile is not internationalized
I18n & l10n, Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3787S2Super List Tile fails to load content when filtering on Categories containing special characters
PeopleCUSTOM-1393S2Filter by skills not working correctly on compound terms
PlacesCUSTOM-1710S2Task can be created with date before the project start date
PlacesCUSTOM-4228S2URLs in Category tile links are not correctly escaped
PlacesCUSTOM-4434S2Ampersands in Place Categories don't display properly
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2217S2Content column is empty after bookmarking content
SearchCUSTOM-3225S2OpenSearch returns inaccurate results while using white spaces and/or quotes
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3407S2No validation of URL for action link in banner tile
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-4184S2Cannot save formatted text widget if it contains a re-sized image on IE 11
PlacesCUSTOM-4425S3"Export all" project tasks checkbox is not selected/unselected when choosing tasks individually
PlacesCUSTOM-3527S3"Featured content" tile in empty place just says "Saved"
Content, Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-4156S3"Filter by Categories & Tags" in the Recent Content widget do not show the proper number of items
Records RetentionCUSTOM-4345S3Adding Categories to Ideas or Documents by Bulk Manage is not retained
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3593S3Adding new blog post clears existing content from Recent Content Widget until a refresh page is done
PlacesCUSTOM-2807S3Can't Invite to Group by Skill when Skills are enabled but not Endorsements
PlacesCUSTOM-3980S3Cannot enable space-blogs from the Admin Console if blogs are initially disabled
ThemingCUSTOM-4169S3Close button is missing in Direct Message modal window for Japanese/Korean/Chinese languages
Records RetentionCUSTOM-2947S3Comment's likes are generating retention records with Root ID as the acclaim in place of the correct root record
Jive Platform APIsCUSTOM-4465S3Deleting the last Social Group administrator results in an Internal Server Error instead of giving an error indicating the failure reason
ContentCUSTOM-4137S3Direct Message link is available in user card when browsing People and Direct Messaging is disabled
Content, SearchCUSTOM-4397S3Direct Message link is available in user search result when Direct Messaging is disabled
Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-2748S3Discrepancy about the amount of documents owned by a user, between admin console's summary and its detail
Content, Jive Platform APIsCUSTOM-4447S3Editing a document comment by REST API is not updating the modified date
Records RetentionCUSTOM-4334S3Editing tags of an Idea is not retained
Content, PluginsCUSTOM-2035S3Events time picker drop-down is not displayed
PeopleCUSTOM-1714S3Group Manage Members: messaging related to open invites is missing from member search
PlacesCUSTOM-1410S3Group creation time is half an hour earlier than expected, for timezones with half an hour difference (xx:30)
ContentCUSTOM-4027S3Ideas sorting options reset to generic filters after refreshing page
ContentCUSTOM-1182S3Ideas: Voted on X times is not present
AccessibilityCUSTOM-1001S3Inconsistent Announcement Creation Date
ModerationCUSTOM-2407S3Moderated documents display original author for all changes when comparing versions
ContentCUSTOM-4140S3More ideas link is not keeping the filter applied on ideas when going back to browse the group's ideas
Activity Streams, NewsCUSTOM-3875S3Navigation: In News stream, clicking replies takes you to the top of the Content
PeopleCUSTOM-3872S3People filters show special characters escaped
Activity StreamsCUSTOM-568S3Photo in Photo Album is showing incorrect "Following in" streams count
PlacesCUSTOM-4448S3Phrase Substitution Rules page defaults to "En" locale
EmailCUSTOM-1117S3Rescinded Group Invitation messages to unregistered users do not use group owner's language
ContentCUSTOM-4134S3Selecting "Limit to Your Places" option in Recent Content widget should not allow to also choose other options
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3489S3Slideshow carousel widget cuts off third line of text
ContentCUSTOM-3666S3Special characters in open search results are not properly escaped
ContentCUSTOM-2413S3Spotlight search: Missing icon for external bookmarks
PeopleCUSTOM-4402S3Updates of direct reports using the API are not reflected in the user interface
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-2556S3Upload a file link in an Action widget contained in a project does not work
ContentCUSTOM-3134S3View as PDF bunches and overlaps long lines of text
ContentCUSTOM-436S3When viewing a blog post as pdf, the text overlays on an image
PlacesCUSTOM-1757S3eMail addresses in group invitation are case sensitivity
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3723S3Screen reader reads inbox "filter" menu item twice
ContentCUSTOM-1802S3External Objects do not show in space settings when enabled
ContentCUSTOM-4127S3Inconsistent results when copying tags
ContentCUSTOM-4159S3Responsive Web over iOS: Bulk Content manage - Pop up is left side aligned and not fully visible
I18n & l10nCUSTOM-3043S3File upload notification appears in English when running non-English language settings
PlacesCUSTOM-757S3Create via email not working for a space containing German Umlaut in the name
Places, Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-4178S3Carousel Tile: Not opening external links in new tab when enabled
PlacesCUSTOM-4224S3Category Tile: Categories counter doesn't decrement to 0 when reaching 30 created categories
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3397S3"Create" is read by screen reader when user avatar is focused
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3464S3"Get started" text is not completely read at once by screen reader
AccessibilityCUSTOM-3972S3Extra text is read by screen reader in place picker (share dialog)
Content, SearchCUSTOM-85S3Opensearch only returns 15 results even when Maximum Number of Results is set to greater than 15
ContentCUSTOM-1620S3Keyword Interceptors: 'or' is being blocked
Content, RTECUSTOM-2090S3Text color is lost when viewing content as PDF
ContentCUSTOM-3870S3Ideas - Inconsistencies in sorting options depending on navigation option
ContentCUSTOM-3946S3Filter Content by Idea and Sort by Comments displays sort bar incorrectly.
ContentCUSTOM-4410S3Custom Redirection Rules help link returns "page not found"
PeopleCUSTOM-1896S3Group invite emails lose formatting
PeopleCUSTOM-2712S3"Send email to group" does not have an email template.
Records RetentionCUSTOM-3851S3'Add people' to private message (collaboration) doesn't generate retention EDIT if done 'quickly' after initial message sent
RTECUSTOM-434S3Deleted Japanese text is restored by subsequent key press
SearchCUSTOM-4412S3Filter by text missing for draft content
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-2529S3Copy Document URL is altered when pasted in formatted text widget
Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-3203S3Key Dates Tile displays incorrect data dependent on User Locale Preference
Analytics, PeopleCUSTOM-4342S3Lengthy foreign language profile fields at-times break the User Profile ETL
PlacesCUSTOM-4294S4"Your Content" page does not recognize the "Set current tab as default' option
PlacesCUSTOM-3435S4Clicking on about group also brings up group admin user details pop up
ContentCUSTOM-3542S4Comments are unexpanded when clicked from Top and Trending and a structured outcome is set in the document
RTECUSTOM-4374S4Formatted Text Widget relativity does not take effect for images inserted through Content Editor
ContentCUSTOM-3947S4Ideas do not respond to sort filters
ContentCUSTOM-2443S4When favoriting.external.enabled = false "Install Bookmarklet" should disappear
ContentCUSTOM-3668S4Ideas - sort order not respected when navigating from recent ideas widget
PeopleCUSTOM-1383S4Profile: Clicking main profile image brings up a different profile image