Boston User Group Meeting Notes - Nov 15, 2017

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The Agony and Ecstasy of Best Practices

by Ben Taub, CEO 411 Labs


Best practices are

  • Well known but difficult to weave into workday.
  • Need to be aligned with corporate and community strategic goals
  • Cf: Vanity metrics: selected to always show growth.
  • KPIs should be tied to your best practices
  • Not something under your direct control
  • Should inspire action

Sample Use Cases

  • Onboarding
  • Exec engagement
  • Advocate maven
  • Content
  • User needs


For each best practice

  • Look for kps associated
  • Determine tactics that link back to it


Multiple sources of Jive data are a challenge for most community managers

  • Jive DES – Behavioral
  • Rest API - content
  • CMR - Profile and activity, some data not available elsewhere


411 Labs

  • Established to make data available
  • Support manual tasks such as batched invites from csv


Insite for Jive Product

  • Pull data and organize
  • Allow exploration of data
  • Build complex queries and rerun whenever
  • Take action from data such as campaigns



How it works

  1. Pull rest api and DES into a 411 server
  2. Push action back into Jive
  3. Production query
  4. Pull data for use in other reporting tools


Misc flags

  • Jive rewards data not available
  • CMR is being deprecated. CA wil replace, Some data may not be available after switch.


General Discussion

Helping users to understand how to use different tools

  • Sam@Novartis (persistence and reuse of content, highest priority)
  • Showed a checklist of tools for user, based on use case and security
  • Sharepoint more locked down
  • Collaboration, messaging and blogs = jive
  • Video
  • wiki

Making HTML Tile mobile friendly

  • How to get a tile totally responsive
  • Gary recommends talking to John Reynolds at Social Edge


Jive-x preparation


  • Some customers staying on jive-x
  • Some looking at other options
  • Social Edge = 40% of client base is Jive-x, 20% both x and n
  • Lithium plans to integrate features from Jive

Box integration

  • Question if box/jive integration works
  • Permissions do not map directly
  • Created a manual TOC page in Jive to get Box content indexed
  • Found that Box was well-received, especially mobile

Training Maturity

  • How to stimulate interest at all levels of maturity
  • Break content into different areas
  • Short tactical videos
  • Direct mail: New users, experienced, lost users
  • Convert reluctant users

Jive Support

  • Difficulty getting timely support
  • Many fixes pending for next release

Email digest

  • Jive-x customers complaining about old content.
  • Teach users how to follow-relevant content
  • More use of content helps to tune the digest and the recommender
  • Sam – clean up extra follows, and setup a custom stream

Selecting Jive as a platform

  • What is ideal size to warrant Jive?
  • Gary @ SocialEdge - wide range: Social Edge uses Jive for their 35 person company. They have customers with huge communities.
  • Depends on needs and budget


  • Where to start if you have nothing formal yet?
  • Write down what you do.
    • Gives you discussion points
    • Allows for consistency
    • Look for alignment/comparison with other enterprise apps
  • Define terms for closure/deletion
  • Mixed suggestions on deletion vs archiving
  • Create form for requesting new space/group (copy Jive form, google form)