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Here in the Jive Developers community everything is based upon peer-to-peer support. You will find an abundance of helpful content and resources already available in the community or you can reach out to other developers for help. Besides being the place to connect with other Jive developers, this is a place where you can ask questions, join in conversations, learn more about developing with Jive, and get your hands dirty in the sandbox!


If you are looking for some basic training, here is  a great place to start:

Special thanks thanks to mueller-ziebur and his team at Pokeshot for helping update the Jive Developer Courses in JiveWorks over the past few quarters.  They aren't 100% finished, but they should be good enough to get you started and navigate all the content around the community.  Check them out below or using the Paths tab on the Jive Developers home page.





Jive Developer : 01 : Introduction to Jive Add-Ons

Learn the basics of the Jive Add-On framework and how to get started with Jive Add-On Development






Jive Developer : 02 : REST v3 API & Webhooks

Learn how to integrate and extend Jive to meet your business requirements in an easy and upgrade-safe manner using the REST APIs & Webhooks






Jive Developer : 03 : Analytics & Reporting

Learn how to leverage the Jive Data Export Service (DES) to export fine-grained event reporting about your Jive instance for in-depth reporting and analysis.






Jive Developer : 04 : Simple Stream Integrations

Learn how to harness the power and simplicity of Simple Stream Integrations without the use of middleware!






Jive Developer : 05 : Custom View & Data Tiles

Learn how to develop tiles to connect your Jive community with information from other systems relevant to your business.






Jive Developer : 06 : Jive Apps (OpenSocial)

Learn how to integrate and extend Jive to meet your business requirements in an easy and upgrade-safe manner using all the features of the Jive Apps Framework






Jive Developer : 07 : Cartridges (Jive Anywhere)

Learn how to integrate and extend Jive to meet your business requirements in an easy and upgrade-safe manner using the Jive Anywhere cartridges



How can I contribute?

If you are interested in volunteering community management time/expertise for the Developer Community, please visit the following document and comment on the timeframe for which you'd like to volunteer: Volunteer Community Managers for Peer-to-Peer Places.


I'm new to Jive, where do I start?

Check out our Getting Started space to learn tips and tricks for getting around JiveWorks, such as how to Start a Discussion, Getting Started: Creating a Blog Post, Using Search in JiveWorks and more!


What if I have a specific question regarding your Jive instance?

While the Developer Community is great for collaborating and sharing open-source content, it isn't a place to find answers to issues you may be experiencing in your Jive instance. Please submit a case in your MyJive Support Group.


What will be the future of Jive Documentation?

Jive Documentation (REST API docs, etc...) will continue to be created by Engineering; however, the tutorials and blog posts created by Developer Evangelists will need to come from the community at large.


What will be the future of the Jive SDK and other open-source Jive projects?

All projects will remain in open-source and continue to work (as-is) without official SLAs/support.  Developers are encouraged to use the community to answer questions.