Getting Started: Sharing Content

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Sharing Content


Sharing allows you to call someone's attention to any place or content in the community. If you've labeled groups of people you're following, you can easily share something with a larger group of people using your label. If you're a manager, this is really useful for showing your entire team something they should be aware of like a recent blog post that impacts them.


Sharing content and places with people

If you come across a particular piece of content or a place that might be beneficial for someone, you can easily share it with them. You can share both Content and Places with anyone by clicking the Share option on the top right side of each type, as shown below.



Sharing Content

Sharing Places







  • Next, enter the user's name or email into the field.
    • You can enter as many users as you want and you can use your connection labels to make this easier.
    • The share will create a line item in your Inbox as well as the Inbox of all users you shared the content with.
  • If you're sharing content with an email address of a user who is not a member of your community, it will send a PDF copy of that content to the user.
  • If sharing with a user who does not have access to the content, it will produce an error message letting you know they do not have access. This will also send an email with a PDF to that user.
  • In some cases, if sharing the document from a private group you will get the option to allow access to that document to the user you are sharing it with.

Sharing with another place

In addition to sharing a place itself, you can also share content of one place with another place. This feature comes in handy when you need something to appear in more than one place so that users who tend to focus on one area in the community can easily see it without having to know where to look. A great example of this would be two different teams that have to work closely together and need to reference each other's process documents on occasion.


Sharing content across places does three things:

  • Causes that piece of content to appear under the Content section of the place(s) it was shared with.
  • Updates the Activity Stream for that place, showing the content that was shared.
  • Adds a link at the top of the content so viewers can see what places that content has been with.
    • This link also lets people with the right permissions remove content from being shared with other places afterwards.


List of places where content is currently shared:


To share content with a place, simply click on the Share option and type in the name of the place you want to share with.

  • The content will only be visible to people in the receiving place if they can access it in its original place so you can't share something from a private or secret group to all of the Aurea community.



  • Share things with yourself as a reminder to check them out later! You may find this useful when you see an appealing yet lengthy blog post that you want to read but can't take the time right at that moment. Share it with yourself and find a prompt about it in your Inbox for later.