Getting Started: Creating and Managing Custom Streams

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Custom Streams



Activity in a community can quickly become overwhelming if you don't know how to manage the flow of information. See Getting Started: How to Manage Your Inbox  for time-critical issues and sorting less important information into custom streams is a great way to stay organized and productive so you don't have to slog through 50+ inbox notifications multiple times a day.



You can create and title custom streams for different functions and then follow people, places, or content to that specific stream.



How to create custom streams

  • Navigate to the community News page and click on the "+" icon at the top of the page (towards the right side).
  • Decide on a name for the custom stream.
  • Once the stream has been created, you can easily drag and drop recommended people, places, and content into the left-hand bar. You can also search for specific people/places/content to follow.
  • You can choose to be notified of these stream updates through Mobile or Email by clicking on the relevant box in the top right corner. We recommend not getting email notifications as it can get noisy quickly.
  • Finished? Hit Done in the top right corner and your new custom stream is complete!

**Note: Content you've read will stay in your stream for three days before going away. Content you haven't read will stay for seven days.


Adding, editing, and deleting custom streams

  • To add people/places/content to a custom stream you already created, simply follow them and select the custom stream where you want activity to show up.
  • To edit a custom stream, navigate to the custom stream on the community home page (it should appear along the top). Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner. You can add new people/places/content here or remove something from your stream by hovering over the name of what you want to remove along the left side bar and clicking on the "X".
  • If you hit the limit of custom streams (ten custom streams), you may need to delete a stream. You can delete a stream by click on the "X" next to the pencil icon in your stream (upper right corner) or click on Delete stream when in edit mode along the upper right corner.


Custom stream ideas

  • Your team. Follow your co-workers, managers, and direct reports.
  • Important projects. Make a stream to quickly keep up with related activity.
  • Things that interest you. Follow groups and people discussing topics that interest you. You can also follow a tag to see everything related to a topic.
  • Noisy things. Sometimes you want to a follow a place that is just a little too busy. Create a stream and catch up when you have time!