Getting Started: How to Manage Your Inbox

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Your Inbox



Your community Inbox is the one place where all activity pertaining to you and the content that you have followed, liked, or commented on will appear. Since your inbox is such an important aspect of managing your community experience, we want to make sure you know how to optimize the flow of Inbox items.

What's in your inbox?

Content - Changes to content you created or edited, and any content you are individually following or content within a group/space you are following in your Inbox

Shares – If someone shares content with you

@mentions – When someone @mentions you in content

Messages – When someone directly messages you (note: you have to both be following each other in order for that to be possible)

Updates/modifications – In regards to all content you have liked, commented on or in places you have followed to Inbox

Your activity – You can see what you have created, commented on or modified in your Inbox, but it will automatically be marked as read


Who should you follow in your Inbox?

Do - Follow anything that requires you to take action or make updates to the content or place such as documents, projects and spaces

Do - Follow the community manager and key product managers, you can even follow your favorite community members!

Don't - Follow too many people. It can get noisy when you're notified of every comment and modification they make. Instead, follow their documents, projects or blogs.



Filtering & Reducing the Noise


Filtering is an easy way to find the information you need fast. To keep things even more lean, make sure you reduce the noise of your inbox so you won't need to do much filtering to find what you are looking for.


Filtering Your Inbox

Unread - Check the box Unread Only to view all content you haven't read yet (which is everything in bold with a blue circle to the left of the title and description)

User search - Search for content posted by a specific user by searching their name in the search bar to the left of the "Send Message" icon in your inbox

Other - Click on Filter next to the search bar in your inbox to filter your inbox by @ Mentions, Messages, Shares, or Notifications.


Reducing the Noise

Identify what's important – It's easy to miss important content when you fall into the habit of marking all content that looks unimportant as Read. Make sure you are only following places and projects that require your full attention and content that is crucial to your work. Everything else should be kept in streams.

Hide future notifications – Whenever you comment on a piece of content, you automatically follow that content to your inbox, which can get noisy. To hide further updates, click on the content in your inbox and select Hide new activity to the far right of the content title. This is great for when you congratulate someone on a promotion and want to avoid getting notified every time the next several dozen other people comment.



Other Inbox Tips



Mark Unread - Click on the shaded circle to the left of the content you want to mark as unread. It should turn blue and the text will become bold. It's an easy way to mark something that you need to come back to later by filtering by Unread Only.

Frequently viewed content - click on Your View along the left-hand side to see all content, people and places you frequently view. You can also see the ten latest blog posts and trending content in the community.