How to remove unwanted or unused tags

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When looking at your list of used tags in Jive you may end up seeing older tags that are no longer associated to any content. You may wish to remove these older tags from your recommended list of tags or your tag cloud. This may also be important if someone has used a tag that is offensive or contains confidential information.


Unfortunately there is no built in tool to automatically update the tag cloud to remove old tags, but there is a workaround that is available to hosted and on-premise customers instances.



  • Verified for version: Jive 8 (Hosted and On-Premise Only)




How to remove old tags that are showing up in the tags page


  1. Go to the Tags page at /tags
    • Screen+Shot+2017-02-14+at+2.43.46+PM.png
  2. Search for your Tag
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  3. Go to each piece of content associated with that Tag, edit the tags or content and remove the associated Tag
  4. Once all content has been disassociated from that Tag, go to Admin Console: System > Management > System Properties
  5. Set jive.tagCloud.rebuildCloudOnStartup to true
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    • Note: No restart is actually required for this. The task will run the second the System Property is added.
  6. Refresh the page to ensure that jive.tagCloud.rebuildCloudOnStartup was automatically changed back to fals
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  7. (Required if you're using 8.0.1 or earlier) Customize and run the following query against the Application Database
    DELETE FROM jivetag WHERE tagname = '<TAG NAME>'
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    • Note: As with all Database Queries, it would be recommended to run this on a test instance first and always run these within transactions in case mistakes are made.
  8. Then go to Admin Console: System > Settings > Caches
  9. Check and delete the "Tag" and "Tag Cloud" caches
    • Note: The "Tag Cloud" cache only needs to be deleted if you're using a version before 8.0.2 as a result of Bug JIVE-51281.


Finally, we can go back to and verify that your tag has been removed.


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