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Using Content to Navigate the Community

Another great way to move around the community is via content!

Remember that blog written by your favorite community manager? While you can use search to find it again, you can also navigate to it from the content itself using the tips below.


  • To find content across the community: Enter a key word for the content in the Search screen in the upper right corner of the window. Type the key word but do not use the "enter" key so that the results pop-up on your screen. Content results show at the top of the pop-up. If the content you are looking for isn't there, try clicking on the Show 5 more link or the further link for See all content results.
  • To find content within a place: Navigate to the place, then click on the Content tab (in grey) at the top of the group page. In the field Type to Filter by Text you can enter key words you think might be contained in the content to narrow the returns. Be sure to scroll down to see your results and click through the multiple pages of results (if that is an option).
  • To find content you or someone else authored: Click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen, then select Your Content. Select the type of content you're looking for (blog post, discussion) from tabs along the top, depending on what you are looking for. The links along the left side show what you've authored or participated in. This process also works for finding another person's content as well. Simply search for that person in the Search field, click on their profile and follow the preceding steps.
  • To find content you have previously bookmarked: Click in the search box at the top right then click on Bookmarks (within the search box, at the top).

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