Boston Jive User Group - June 15, 2016

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TOPIC #1: Notifications/Email Overload/News

  • Jive functions - the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Training/Best practices - change management and user guides
  • Admin settings - back end management



The team brainstormed problems and solutions they saw in their community to provide feedback and wish list items to Jive. The group prioritized two areas that they thought would add the most value.  Improvements to Personalization and News/Streams.  Here are the details of those two priority areas:


1) Preference page


Overall there was discussion on how this could be more comprehensive including profile entry as well as email and other more granular settings.


Email alerts on/off – that feature should be more prominent in the UI.  It is too hard to figure out when looking at content or a group how to turn on or off email alerts for an average user


Admin control – Ability to see a users preferences to help troubleshoot their questions.


Admin control – ability to preset default settings for all users during launch set-up/configuration


Redesign of preference – A number of team members thought it was confusing and could be done in a more comprehensive way.


Use of icons in menu options to distinguish lists of links. In this example using something like the Apple IOS gear for settings/preferences


A list of all spaces to select/unselect following, email notification


More granular control of what will hit inbox/email. E.g. some of our communities use likes as “I like this” so it is not adding a lot of value to have that as a inbox update.  Others use it to indicate “return receipt”.  Meaning, I read it and wanted to let you know that I read it.  That “like’ is more interesting as an inbox or email update in that culture.  So Jive should give users the detailed options of what actions trigger inbox or email notifications.


2) News/Streams


Would like the ability to create a more general rule to avoid keying in the same rule many times


Possibly too complicated to figure out how to best leverage streams.  Review the UI


Would like the ability to select the “boxes” that news shows “sales”, “corporate”


When showing content on news page make the place name more prominent to help gain context while skimming headlines


Add a “view a document” option as a tile on the news page to avoid having to use HTML




Other comments regarding the functionality for this topic area made:


Metrics on Following – Summary level information to help understand where the noise is coming from to help you make decisions on who and what you follow.


Problem:  Having to @mention many people to ensure they will see an important update you have for the group/space.  If you don’t do that it might just hit the activity stream which few look at everything in their activity stream.


The working group discussed possibly separating alerts from updates.  Possibly placing a priority on the post to help a content consumer understand if this is reference/informational or more critical info they should read.


Email digest – provide more flexibility to an end user (preferences) to select from where digest items may come from or other forms of selections (based on a tag or category the user is more interested in).


Email alerts based on categories. It was understood that categories are unique to a place, but some team members were interested in a category level notification.


Inbox – why does the counter stop at 50?  “the number’ helps give incentive to work that inbox down to zero


Use more standard language – We discussed getting out of a discussion that you interacted with (e.g. the happy birthday endless replies).  “Un-follow” is not very intuitive.  A word like “unsubscribe” would mean more.  Positioning it at the header or footer of the content as it might live in an email unsubscribe world could make it more effective.


Everyone following execs – Causes grief for execs as they get hundreds of emails saying team members are following them flooding their Jive and email inbox.  Could Jive, knowing the organization level of the person suppress that (or give that option to the admin


Jive Daily – Continue to close gaps in content/features – can’t create a blog post from Jive Daily.


Jive Daily – need a white labeled version.  Intranet’s are branded and it causes confusion to explain to your employees to “download Jive”.


Instant Messaging Strategy - Bi-directional Slack integration


Sharing content in another place – make it real – Right now it only goes to the activity stream of that shared place. Missed by most.  If it could be a content type.  We appreciate the community does not want 2 copies, but today it is a ghost and can’t be discovered in the shared place.  Need a better way to keep it as one copy but discoverable/searchable in all shared places.





If you're launching now or haven't launched yet - put training on 1) set up your streams, 2) follow things in your streams, 3) update your preferences to manage email RIGHT IN THEIR FACES (video, screen grab, examples).


JIVE FEATURE REQUEST: Add a toggle in Preferences to turn emails ON for group invitations


JIVE TRAINING REQUEST: Deeper education on the admin console - hidden configurations


TIP: Interceptors (Admin Console) - whenever XYZ is used (keyword, tag, etc.) in all content types, notify person JKL

TIP: Unanswered Questions (Admin Console, per space) - notify person JKL the list of questions that have existed for QRS time frame without answers



  • Planning/Governance - 10x Streams, Unlimited Rules, BUT Email YES/Email NO is decided at the stream level
    • Ex... Regions (all no email), Departments (all no email), Corporate Updates (yes email), Newsletters (all no email)
  • Idea: Executive feed - set up all VPs and above (or whatever makes sense) and create rules for their PERSONAL blogs to go to the stream - auto permission restriction
  • Selling News: yes it's still email BUT you can measure viewers, views, etc. and get comments for clarifying questions, etc.


Moving people from Email

  • providing a template (or templates) for creating a newsletter or other communication (use Jive's Create a Copy functionality)
  • getting advocates to forward email conversations into Jive sites (create via email) AND/OR add the create via email address to your mailing list emails while you transition



  • Office/Outlook integration


TOPIC #2: Metrics/Measurement/Community Health

  • What do you wish you could see?
  • What do you share with your community?
  • What do you share with your stakeholders?
  • Who runs/owns your analysis?
  • What tools do you use (CMR, Google Analytics, Data Export, etc.)




What's your Vision?  What are your objectives? - Goals of the Community (if you don't have a vision, you won't know what you need to measure)

     ex. X user is going to product X thing which is going to create X sales

     ex. Complex Information Sharing, Global Collaboration - knowledge from across the company, across the globe hitting everyone at the same time [time to response for market actions]


JIVE FEATURE REQUEST: option to take weekends out of the CMR


Tools and Templates

  • Jive Data Export Service - if you don't have it, ask for it!  Free with your site; request it through a support case.
    • KirstenL from Akamai set up governance around requesting a data export (HAPPY TO SHARE) which solves the individual user/place analysis by turning it into DIY
  • Community Engagement Ladder and Engagement Index - a slightly better way to measure the basics - view/participate/create, etc.
  • Resonata - sentiment analysis
  • Google Analytics (apply to your Jive community by opening up a case with Jive and providing them applicable info to get it set up)
    • we all have experiences with Community Manager Reports and Google Analytics being different


What to measure?

  • Measuring "Contributions" (comments, replies, and creations) as proof that people are sharing knowledge (collaborative, transparent knowledge vs. tribal knowledge)
  • Location to Location, Department to Department charts (cross-functional collaboration)
  • Measuring people's knowledge of the tool through quizzes - are they actually learning; are our training materials successful, etc.?
  • Measure email use - who's talking to whom (does it change by moving to community and expanding access to people), how big are the emails (are attachments being posted in community), how many are sent (are we reducing email noise)


NOTE: Email notifications from Jive may actual INCREASE emails received; train on how to manage notifications and encourage people


TIP: Make friends with an excel expert!


TOPIC #3: Content Management

  • Auditing, Labeling, Planning, Controlling


TIP: Camtasia Relay (now TechSmith Relay) as video recording tool