FAQ - Advanced Gamification Module Upgrade / New Nitro Features

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Upgrade Questions




When is the upgrade?

Update Notification : Advanced Gamification Admin Console update/downtime

October 28th, 2016.

What versions are affected by the upgrade?All customers using the advanced gamification module are impacted.  This includes Hosted, On-prem and Cloud.

How much Bunchball downtime can be expected?

Up to 8 hours.

What happens to events triggered from Jive during the Bunchball downtime?

Those events will fail, due to APIs being unavailable.  These failures will be queued on the Jive side until the APIs are back online, then they will processed until completion.

What are the leaderboard behaviors during the Bunchball unavailability?

Leaderboards will not display, due to Bunchball APIs being unavailable.

Will my points and badges display during the Bunchball unavailability?

No, they will not display during the downtime.

During the upgrade and downtime, how will the admin console appear for customers?

During the downtime, you will not be able to login to the Bunchball Admin Flash-based Console.

After the upgrade, how will the admin console appear for customers?Once the upgrade is complete, Administrative users accessing the Admin Console will instead be automatically brought into Nitro Studio.  From there, you will be able to seamlessly continue to manage your program utilizing the new and improved layout, along with some new features.  See the additional training materials for utilizing Nitro Studio.

When will Analytics be in effect and available to me as a customer?

The new Nitro Studio Analytics will be available to some customer sites immediately after the upgrade, and for other sites we will be rolling them out in waves over a 3-4 month period.


It will be evident on the Nitro Studio menu whether you have the new Analytics enabled, as the Program Health and Data Export links will be active under the Analytics menu. If these links are grayed out (which means your wave hasn't yet been converted), you will instead see a link to the previous Admin Console where any current reporting can be accessed. Also see additional question below about Admin Console access.


Jive/Bunchball will be contacting you individually in advance of when your wave is ready.

Can I still access the old Admin Console?

Yes. The current Admin Console will still remain available, mainly for those who need access to their existing reporting data until they are enabled and comfortable on the new Nitro Studio Analytics.


To access your Admin Console, click on the Admin Console link under the Nitro Studio Analytics menu.  Alternatively, you can also access directly by going to

https://legacy-gamification.console.bunchball.net/ and logging in with your administration credentials.

Feature Questions



Overview - Advanced Gamification Module

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Analytics Walkthrough - Advanced Gamification Module

Data Export Walkthrough - Advanced Gamification Module

Data Import Walkthrough - Advanced Gamification Module

Analytics Documentation - Advanced Gamification Module

Advanced Gamification Walkthrough Slides


I am currently an on-prem customer and looking to move to Cloud.  Can I use AGM in the Cloud?Customers migrating to cloud can continue using advanced gamification.
I am interested in expanding my usage of AGM across other external systems.  How can I do this?Nitro Studio now includes a Data Import utility for manually bringing in external data.  Please see associated training materials for help on this topic.  For automated and more extensive imports from external systems, please contact Bunchball for additional licensing options.
What is the difference between Jive AGM and Jive Rewards?

Jive Rewards is only available in Jive Cloud. The focus of Jive rewards is to mostly automate Jive on-boarding and engagement.

The Advanced Gamification Module is a solution for On-prem, Hosted and customers moving to Cloud who currently are using the advanced gamification module.  The AGM is targeted at building custom missions and is expandable with Additional APIs and integrations.

Now that the admin experience is updated, what is coming in the next AGM release?The advanced gamification module roadmap is being updated shortly to include tile integrations and more.  Stay tuned!
Where can I find additional Nitro documentation:

1-For the Jive AGM administrator guide and other featured content go here under "Featured Content": https://community.aurea.com/community/products/platform/gamification


2-The Bunchball platform documentation site (new ... in beta!) is located here: https://docs.bunchball.com. Some features are not native to the Jive AGM implementation, and may require additional Bunchball licensing.


Note: currently the help link in Nitro Studio points to our existing wiki at https://bunchballnet-main.pbworks.com. You can use the credentials reader@bunchball.com/catalytics to access this wiki, but we would recommend using the new documentation site (#2 above) as Nitro Studio will be redirected to it shortly.

Nitro Studio Analytics
How up-to-date will the analytics data be?Data should be current within approximately 24 hours for those customers utilizing the new Nitro Studio Analytics.
Can I get community specific reports in the new analytics area of Nitro Studio.Yes, you can drill down on the graphs by metadata, which includes ContainerID information.  ContainerID contains community ID information.  The data exports also allow for filtering on metadata; this can be used to filter by ContainerID as well.
What kind of response time should be expected when submitting detailed data exports.The export of detailed/transactional reports can take a long time (15 or more minutes) depending on the size of your data, and it is recommended to use the "Scheduled Report" option so that you can run exports in the background and receive an email notification when complete.