Fixed and Known Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x 2015.3 Maintenance Release

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The purpose of this document is to provide a list of the most commonly reported issues found in Jive Cloud 2015.3, including each issue's current status.


This list is managed by the Jive Quality Engineering and Support teams and includes issues with the highest impact on customers.


If you are experiencing an issue that is not on this list then please file a new support case with Jive Support. A support engineer will work with you to help identify the issue.


The following information is subject to change as we roll out additional fixes--we're moving toward a more dynamic model of communicating known issues for Cloud releases.

Known Issues


Problem ID
Release Notes Title

Content,  Content: Events


In Internet Explorer 11, the Content Editor on the Create Event page sometimes fails to load.

Jive Platform APIs,  Jive Platform APIs: OpenSocial APIJIVE-58310S1Open

gadgets.views.getParameters() returns empty on Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Jive Platform APIsJIVE-61128S1OpenDeprecated Storage definition is displayed on "Add Integration" button when adding an external storage definition.
People,  People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-62742S1Open

People Management Display in the Admin Console might miss column headers and icons at times.

People,  People: Authentication / LDAPJIVE-61587S1OpenLDAP Profile Photo sync can use a large number of guest user events in the Analytics database.
People,  People: User ProfilesJIVE-61972S1OpenWhen jive.breadcrumb.legacy is set to true, clicking "Appears in other place" on shared content doesn't display where else the content is shared.
PlacesJIVE-53133S1OpenUnable to make changes to "Your View"
Places, Places: WidgetsJIVE-62788S2OpenFeatured Video Widget prevents Overview page edits.



Fixed Issues

Issue fixes are deployed to Cloud sites in weekly release waves. You may see an issue happening in your community that is marked as Fixed which will be released in a later wave. All fixes will be deployed to all customers by 10/30/2015.


Wave's Deployment Dates:

Wave1:   10/2/2015

Wave2:   10/9/2015

Wave3:   10/16/2015


Maintenance Release Date: 10/30/2015


Wave1 Fixes:


Problem ID


Release Notes Title

Activity,  Activity: NewsJIVE-61928S2

Image corruption when adding a small image into the News Hero tile.

Activity,  Activity: NewsJIVE-61930S2

Changes in aspect ratio change the position of the next overlay box in the News Hero tile.

Analytics,  Analytics: CMRJIVE-58062S1Values in the Community Health CSV sometimes don't match the report values.
Content,  Content: External StorageJIVE-61707S1Unclosed connections from external storage provider causing timeouts during file uploads/downloads.
Content,  Content: VideoJIVE-61948S2

Full Screen Option on YouTube videos in Featured Video tiles has no effect.

Places, Places: TilesJIVE-61841S2

“Use this view in a tile” doesn’t work with People or Places browse results.


Wave2 Fixes:


Problem ID


Release Notes Title

Analytics, Analytics: Data ExportJIVE-62570S1Unexpected Error when trying to add a new Analytics Add-on.
Content,  Content: BookmarksJIVE-62578S1News returns an Unexpected Error if the instance has any recent external bookmarks.
RTEJIVE-62138S2Jive Anywhere missing from Tools page in IE10.
PeopleJIVE-62354S1Email Validation of new External Users results in an Unexpected Error. 
People, People: Admin ConsoleJIVE-62001S2Group Summary page in Jive Admin Console has a hard limit of 100 Permission Groups.
Search, Search:  Admin ConsoleJIVE-62293S2Cannot save content search synonyms in admin console.


Wave3 Fixes:


Problem ID


Release Notes Title

Activity, Activity: OnboardingJIVE-62663S1"Tell us a bit about you" link on Getting Started page results in an Unexpected Error.
Content,  Content: EntitlementsJIVE-62744S2Users with Manage News Streams permission doesn't allow users to upload images to the Banner tile.
Content,  Content: Structured OutcomesJIVE-62746S1User has no way of unmarking content that's marked as Success
People, People: Tied HouseJIVE-62684S1Newly Registered users whose accounts are pending approval get a system error instead of a relevant message.




Maintenance Release Fixes:

ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
Activity, Activity: Custom StreamsJIVE-61331S3Email Watches stream is not present in the list of activity streams when News is enabled
Content, Content: SEOJIVE-62320S2targetUser parameter with bad userID generates 500 error
Content, People: Authentication / SSOJIVE-63261S1Users can create standard accounts when SSO is enabled
Content, Content: BoxJIVE-62753S1Synchronizing a large file from Box results in an unexpected error on the Content tab of the Box-linked place
Content, Content: DocumentsJIVE-63339S1In IE9, can't type in a document or cancel document creation
Content, Content: EntitlementsJIVE-63008S2"Manage News Streams" doesn't allow users to edit a News stream page that already contains an add-on-based tile
Jive Platform APIs, Jive Platform APIs: TilesJIVE-61260S1CURLs against stream integration webhook return 500 if not sent to initial node
People, People: User ProfilesJIVE-62972S1With Language and Locale hidden in Preferences, you can't save any user preferences
Places, Places: WidgetsJIVE-62788S2With the Featured Video widget configured, you can't edit the Overview page
Jive CorePBOX-1053S2Jive Rewards badges are too large
Jive Core, Rewards DashboardPBOX-1055S2Selecting a progressive points scheme in Jive Rewards results in negative points totals
Rewards DashboardPBOX-1022S1Typeahead player search in Jive Rewards returns no results or random users
Rewards DashboardPBOX-1032S2You can't select a space when limiting the location of a Rewards strategy or quest