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The Records Retention plugin is an effective tool to track activity in your Jive community. Before using it, be sure you understand what it captures and where it sends this captured information.


The Records Retention plugin records who does what, and when they do it in your Jive community. It captures snapshots of the activity within a community. In Jive-n communities, Records Retention Module exists as part of the core application code and it integrates with downstream SMTP, XML, or RestAPI based retention and e-discovery systems for retaining records.


Why would I use it?

This plugin is a useful tool to help an organization that needs to meet legal requirements, particularly in a regulated industry. It can also be used to track activity in a community.


What does it capture?

The Records Retention extension captures events for each content type and space type and some generic actions that can be triggered for almost any type of content entity. For the full list of retained events, refer to Understanding Records Retention.


Where does it send this captured information?

There are currently three ways to configure the Records Retention extension:

  • Email (SMTP): Each event is converted into an email message and delivered it to the configured email inbox or inboxes. For more information on configuration, see Configuring Records Retention for SMTP in the documentation.
  • XML: Each event is converted into an XML file and put into the Jive server binstore. For more information on configuration, see Configuring Records Retention for XML in the documentation.
  • Actiance (REST): Each event is sent to an instance of Actiance Vantage by using RESTful communication. For more information about Actiance Vantage, see Connected Capture on the Smarsh portal at https://www.smarsh.com/products/connected-capture/vantage-modal. For more information on configuration, see Configuring Records Retention for Actiance Vantage in the documentation.
    A secure connection is required to connect to the Actiance host. An SSL certificate must be created and imported into Jives java keystore (/usr/local/jive/java/jre/lib/security/cacerts) and there is no option to disable the behavior.


HIPAA compliance

Starting in 8.0.1, the records retention module meets the requirements of the Health Insurance and Accountability Act and ensures audit data recording user activity to electronic protected health information is protected.





Records Retention release notes are included in the Hosted and On-Premise release notes. You can find them at Jive Hosted and On-Prem (HOP).



You can find the downloads in the Attachments section at the end of the article.


Recent releases

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Historical releases

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