Jive-n and Jive-X 2015.2 Upgrade and Onboarding Guide

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This short guide explains the new features and known changes to Jive-n and Jive-x with the 2015.2 Release. We hope it will help you get ready for this release and explain it to your users.


If you're looking for information about this release's most significant feature, the Support Center, it has its own guide! Scroll down the page or jump straight to Support Center Onboarding Guide.



What changes will all upgraded users see?

The following changes affect both Jive-x and Jive-n communities.


New Community Manager Reports

Community Manager Reports has two new global reports: User-to-User Interactions and Engagement Index.


These reports provide a peek into user behavior in your community so you can take action if engagement or interactions are low. We also organized the global reports into categories, making it easier to browse through to the report that interests you. See the Preview Documentation for report descriptions.


Spotlight Search

The redesigned Spotlight Search is a great way to quickly find items using keywords when you don't need a more detailed investigation. It automatically includes wildcards as you type parts of words. Plus, check out the History and Suggestions tabs to pull up your viewing history or things you look at often.

Create a Copy

Documents can now be copied as a new document, discussion, or blog post. This is a great way to make templates for others to use. In the Preview Documentation, search for the following new help topics:

  • Creating a Copy
  • Creating a Template


Bulk File Upload

If you need to upload a large number of documents or files into the community, you can now use Create > Files (this menu selection replaces Uploaded file in the Create menu indicated by the pencil icon) to streamline the process. Select up to 50 files to upload to the same place in a single operation. Files are automatically named based on filenames, but you can change their names after you upload them.


Enhancements to Google Docs

Google Docs will include the following improvements and behavior changes:

  • Users who aren't logged into Google will now be prompted to log in with the Google account corresponding to their Jive account.
  • You can now add a title as part of the document creation workflow.
  • You can now apply tags and categories to a Google docs within Jive.
  • To avoid constant Jive stream activity around change integrations, versioning in Jive now respects a 30-minute window from the start of a Google Docs editing session before adding another major version of the document to Jive and creating a stream notification.
  • Handling of files with the same name has improved and reflects the norms of Google Docs.


Removal of Real-Time Chat

You'll no longer see the real-time chat bar in your interface. However, your existing chats and direct messages will continue to be part of your site. We recommend replacing chat with Jive Chime, or (if your organization uses Microsoft Lync) with the Lync connector. To read about and download Chime, go here. Or, see the Jive for Lync/Skype for Business add-on (described below) if your company already uses these tools for chat.


SSO Changes

Full Access admins will see the following changes to the Single Sign-On Settings at People > Settings > Single Sign-On:


  • The Enable Username Confirmation for New Users and Enable Email Confirmation for New Users settings have moved from People > Settings > Single Sign-On > External Login and People > Settings > Single Sign-On > SAML > Advanced to People > Settings > Single Sign-On > General and apply to all SSO configurations.
  • The Allow Federated Users to Change Name and External Identity is Case-Sensitive settings have also moved from People > Settings > Single Sign-On > SAML > Advanced to People > Settings > Single Sign-On > General and apply to all SSO configurations.
  • External Login configuration supports Facebook Connect and Google OpenID Connect in the Cloud. Google OpenID Connect configuration requires a Client ID and a Client Secret, with an optional OpenID Realm setting used for migration.
  • Enabling SAML or External Login now uses a checkbox, not the radio button seen in previous versions.
  • The order of the SAML configuration tabs has changed to reflect a more typical configuration workflow, and the Metadata tab has been renamed to IdP Metadata.
  • The Load metadata from URL option on the Metadata tab has been removed.


The SSO documentation is now available in the Cloud documentation set for community managers. You still need Full Access admin rights to configure SSO, however, and a Professional Services engagement is recommended for this complex feature.


The following changes affect only Jive-x instances.


Moderation Using Jive-x Mobile

Moderators using the native Jive-x Mobile apps (iOS and Android) will now see a new Moderation tab that lists moderation requests waiting for approval or rejection:

  • The moderator can swipe items to Approve or Reject them on the fly, or,
  • Tap through to see the full content, profile image, or new user registration, and then Approve or Reject from there.


See the Preview Documentation for more details.


What changes will upgraded users see only if an admin turns them on?

The following change affects both Jive-x and Jive-n communities.

Support Center

Support Center provides a streamlined experience for customers or employees from finding answers to contributing knowledge, and stimulating community engagement. You can enable the Support Center from the Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features. By deploying this focused Support environment, you get:

  • higher degree of case deflection
  • lower costs
  • more satisfied customers.

For more information about setting up the Support Center, see Support Center Onboarding Guide.


The following change affects only Jive-n communities.

Jive for Lync/Skype for Business

If your company already uses Lync or Skype for chat or voice calling, you can use the new Jive for Lync/Skype for Business add-on to collaborate in real time without leaving your community. Launch Lync/Skype for Business with one click while browsing uses or interacting in a stream. For more information, see the 2015.2 Cloud Release Preview Documentation. (Search for Lync in both the end users and Community Manager docs.)


News Enhancements


News was introduced with the 8c5 release, but you'll see the following changes with this release:

  • The News link will be NOT be automatically added to your navigation when you turn News on. You need to add it yourself.
  • News is now a Preset link in your theming settings, so you can add, remove, or sort it.
  • In the previous release a bug limited custom navigation to three custom links. You can now add up to five custom links to the top navigation.

Preview/Beta Features


The following changes affect both Jive-x and Jive-n communities.


The following features are being previewed in this release so you can give us early feedback. Please contact Jive support to toggle on these features in your non-production instances so you can preview it. These features are toggled
off by default in this release. We decided to hide the toggles with the 2015.2.2 maintenance upgrade.


Document Enhancements

We've visually redesigned documents so the main information is easier to consume. We've moved the menus of the right sidebar so that they're streamlined at the top of the document. For more details, be sure to read: Redesigned Documents (Preview/Beta Feature in 2015.2 Release)


New Content Type: Questions

In this new content type, users will be able to Create > Question instead of marking a discussion as a question. Questions will include the new visual design of documents described above. Questions are intended to keep conversations on track and ensure that the information is reusable to deflect similar questions in the community. For more details, be sure to read: Questions (Preview/Beta Feature in 2015.2 Release)