Rob Ryan's Content and Knowledge Management in Jive Presentation and Notes -- NY/NJ User Group, June 18, 2015

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Below please find the presentation given by rob.ryan at the June 18 NY/NJ User Group Meeting, along with my notes.


Presentation Recording:


Jive NYC User Group_3




How can content management be done in Jive, and how does this fit in with knowledge management?


Knowledge management:

  • The facilitation of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge
  • Helping the organization tap into institutional knowledge


Capturing and creating knowledge in Jive:

  • Choosing which content type to use in Jive can be a struggle--what should I use and when?
  • Jive Anywhere, Jive for Outlook, and Jive for Office are all different content capture tools
  • Naming conventions
    • Are users naming things appropriately for discovery?
    • Might need extra training on this concept
  • Categories and tags
    • Categories cannot be nested and are only relevant within a group/space/project
    • Should strive to create categories that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive
  • Structured outcomes
    • Medidata has turned off some of the structured outcomes because all of them together were confusing for the user
    • Some of the structured outcomes affect search


Storing content within Jive:

  • Where should content live?  Should it be in a group or a space?
  • Both have advantages and disadvantages.


Preserving content within Jive:

  • Retiring content:
    • Could delete it
    • Could make it "hidden" or archive it
    • Could mark as "outdated"


Delivering content within Jive:

  • Are we getting content to the right people?  Do we have a content-first approach?
  • Need to consider audience expectations and behaviors
  • Methods could include calls to action, carousels


KM Problem #1: How to get content to the right people?

  • Exploit big data and metrics
  • Push content through News, promoted search results, trending and recommended content, etc


KM Problem #2: How do you get the best content to surface?

  • Use unstructured outcomes, ratings, approved content


KM Problem #3: How do you record tacit knowledge?

  • Let documentation happen organically over time through dialog in the community