Mark Salandra's Jive 8 Product Update Presentation and Notes -- NY/NJ User Group, March 5, 2015

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mark.salandra, Director of Sales Engineering


About Jive 8

  • Jive 8 came out in February, if you are thinking about upgrading you can get in the queue now
  • Jive-n is the new name for internal installations of Jive, Jive-x is the new name for external installations of Jive
  • "Better, Stronger, Faster" is the Jive mantra for 2015
    • The platform is 30-60% faster
    • 70 new features & enhancements since Jive 7 (which are already in use in the cloud)
    • Newly designed mobile experience (responsive design and native apps)


What's New in Jive-n


The "News Stream"

  • For companies who have getting involvement and driving user adoption as their goals
  • You can target news to different user groups using custom streams and auto following
  • Examples could include Leadership News, Executive Blogs, or HR/IT news and information


Q: Can you create a custom stream that only certain people see?  For instance, a Sales-focused stream that people who are not in Sales wouldn't see?

A: Yes, you can do this.  The administrator sets up the streams and pushes them out.


Q: Where is the News Stream shown?

A: It's a tab at the top of the page--you can toggle over to it from your homepage, or make it your default landing page.  The streams themselves appear on the left hand panel.  The page makes use of a stream in the middle and tiles on the right-hand side.


Jive as a Collaboration Hub

  • One of the most critical pieces of Jive is its integration points
  • Jive wants people to work where they're comfortable, and not have to be pushed into Jive
  • Integrations include:
    • The Microsoft suite--Office, Outlook, Office 365
    • Cisco Jabber and WebEx--the ability to click to chat and click to dial into a call from someone's profile or start a webex with the whole group (and even bring in people outside of the group)
    • Google Docs
  • Jive 8 also allows you to share content in private groups


Q: Is there a Lync integration?

A: Yes, there is.


Q: Can you run the Office integration through a Mac?

A: Yes, but you have to use VM.


Employee Support Feature Highlights

  • Promoted content, so you can associate search keywords with a particular doc
  • More "Pages" within a group
  • "I have the same question" button
  • Content sharing in multiple places--essentially creates a stub in the other places (you can share from a private to a public group)
  • Place categorization
  • Examples could include HR or IT Portals or Office Location portals with additional pages of information, many companies are putting their IT Help Desk in Jive to drive user adoption


What's New in Jive-x


In external communities, the focus areas were Content, Engagement, Search/Discoverability, Analytics, and Connections


More ways to package content

  • Targeted content (through news stream)
  • Top & trending activity
  • Manage your knowledge--easily create document sets (tie content together) and designate official content


Engagement without borders

  • Being able to offer a branded experience across devices


Search Rethink

  • Not only can you promote content for certain keywords, you also have visibility into what people are searching for (you can see the queries)


New Community Health Reports

  • More analytical insights
  • Data flexibility--you can export the data into your other analytics tools


Extending & Integrating

  • StreamOnce integration with Salesforce
    • Bring an account into Jive and form a deal room
  • Also CRM integrations for help desks
  • Open Rest APIs


Moving to the Cloud

  • 50% of Jive customers are in cloud, there are many benefits (see presentation)
  • Upgrade planning guides are available in the Jive Community




Q: Are all the integrations mentioned available in the cloud?

A: Yes.


Q: What is the advantage of using tile-ized Activity Pages over widget-ized Overview Pages?

A: The tiles are more performant and responsive, so they work well with mobile devices.  If you're heavily into widgets your design may not be as responsive.  Also, tiles were built as intergation points, and you can build your own tiles.


Q: Activity pages work well for collaboration groups, but some have gotten feedback that the main activity tile takes up too much space and makes the layout look like Facebook.  What recommendations do you have?

A: On the main page don't use the big activity stream, but on your subpages, do use them.  That way you have the best of both worlds.


Q: When should I use the new Pages feature vs. Subspaces?

A: Look at your permissions--spaces are managed at the admin level and can have different permissions.  Is your need for different permissions in each area? If so, use subspaces. However, Pages are a good alternative if all you really wanted was different pages focused on different topics, because you can have that with Pages without the complexity and administrative burden of subspaces.


Q: Regarding the Lync integration, how do we see what that looks like?

A: We are taking this as an action item for luanndalton and Errol Millington.  Jive will follow up with you.


Q: What should we do if we want to demo Jive 8?

A: There is a preview community you can access now from the Jive Community.


Q: Are there plans to integrate Producteev more closely into the core product?

A: No, in fact Producteev is end of life.  Jive plans to enhance the existing task functionality that already exists instead.


Q: We have a need to create a global event calendar.  Are there any improvements to the Event functionality in Jive 8?

A: There will be enhancements, but not in Jive 8.  While event enhancements are not on Jive's roadmap, they are aware of the customer need for these enhancements and that is understood.


Q: In Jive 8, can you follow tags?

A: Yes, you will be able to.


Q: Will we be able to differentiate groups of users who can use the different structured outcomes?

A: Yes, Jive is taking this as an action Item to find out what release this is in.  This is an action item for Jo Wild.


Q: What is "Your View"?

A: This will be a page you as a user can create and pin, with frequent content, people and places that you often visit.  It works on cell phones and is ideal for mobile use since most people have a limited number of activities they perform on mobile.  This is a tile-ized view, not widget-ized.


Q: Can you search by skill on the mobile app?

A: Not sure, Jive is taking this as an action item to look into.


Q: Will the new APIs in the product be backwards compatible?

A: Yes.


Q: Are there any additional new reports in CMR?

A: Yes, and you can check them out in the preview environment.


Q: What is the difference between the Expertise free-form text field in the profile and the new Skills & Expertise section?

A: The two are not related.  Tags (in Jive 6 and earlier) become Skills & Expertise in Jive 7 and later.

Feedback from customer: this is confusing.


Q: You cannot currently apply categories or tags to emails from Outlook that you are trying to convert into Jive content.  Will this change?

A: Not in this release, but Jive is aware of the request.


Q: Customer is heavy user of Photo Galleries in Jive 5.  Is any attention being paid to images in the new releases?

A: Yes, in the later half of this year Jive will have some improvements around images in Jive.