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We are happy to announce that we are taking the Google Docs integration from a Beta version to a generally available release for cloud customers.


The full scope of of Google for work integrations has been described in the previous deep dive found here Deep Dive - Google for Work in Jive Cloud 2014 Fall release

This deep dive focuses on the enhancement and changes to Google Docs and Google Drive specifically.


Google Docs functionality in the winter release has been upgraded with the following main features:


  • Immediate sync of files and Google Docs from Google Drive to Jive: We have enabled instantaneous synchronizing of files uploaded/created in Google Drive to Jive. This is based on WebHooks technology which enables synchronizing content between systems without the need for polling.
  • Google docs as Jive docs: Google Docs in Jive now have all the native capabilities of a Jive document such as impact metrics and more. This provides you with a seamless document collaboration experience irrespective of document source or type.


Why Integrate with Google for Work?


Many of our customers have adopted Google's cloud applications to lower IT costs and improve team productivity with apps that are always up-to-date and accessible from virtually anywhere. And, since Google for Work solutions are mainly about email, documents, and running efficient meetings, Jive Communication and Collaboration Hub is a perfect complement for enabling expertise location, communication and the ability to share the outcomes of all those emails, documents and meetings with people outside your team.

The following diagram describes the scope of the integration between Jive and Google for Work.

Feature Highlights


What it isFeatures
Jive GMail cartridge for Jive Anywhere(Available in Jive Connector for Gmail )
  • View Jive-triggered messages in GMail web app featuring rich Jive formatting and actions such as like, reply and find related discussions
  • Convert emails to Jive discussions carrying over attachments and embedded images
  • View people (profile) information from Jive in GMail web app
  • Reply to Jive discussions
  • Mark replies for action or decision
Google groups <->Jive Activity (Available as part of Jive StreamOnce Module)
  • Send email to a Google group and have it create a new Jive activity item in a configured tile
  • Carry over images and attachments to the Jive activity feed
  • Reply/add comment in Jive activity sends email back to the Google group
Google Drive cartridge for Jive Anywhere
  • Select a file in Google Drive and create a Jive discussion with an attached file in a designated Jive place
Jive with Google Drive external storage(Available in Jive Connector for Google Drive)
  • Upload files to a Jive place and have them stored in a connected Google Drive folder
  • Add files to Google Drive and have them sync back to the connected Jive place
  • Copy/Move files from other Google Drive locations into a connected Google Drive folder and have them sync back to the connected Jive place
  • Add files in sub-folders of a connected Google Drive folder and have them sync back to the connected Jive place
Jive Connector for Google Docs
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in read-only mode, allowing Jive actions such as Like, Share, Bookmark, Mark as helpful, Apply  structured outcomes, create threaded comments, and follow
  • [New] view impact metrics of a Google doc
  • Render Google Docs within Jive in editing mode supporting full Google Doc capabilities including concurrent authoring of content
  • Create Google Docs in Google Drive and have them appear in the connected Jive place
  • Create Google Docs from within Jive, and have them stored in Google Drive
  • Search for Google docs within Jive, utilizing full indexed search of document content
  • Get push notifications on new Google Docs and document changes in the connected place activity feed
  • Sync Jive comments on a Google Doc with document-level comments within Google Drive/Doc
  • Selectively enable bidirectional sync that pushes content-highlighted comments in Google Docs into the comment thread of the document in Jive
  • [New] immediate sync of Google Docs from Google Drive to Jive

Walk Through & How To

Google Drive storage for Groups & Google Docs


To use Google Drive external storage for Jive places, do the following:

  • Make sure you have a Google business account
  • Have a Jive admin configure a Google Drive external storage provider (ESP) under the Add-ons->Storage management console
    • Configure the ESP with a designated headless integration user which needs to be defined in the Google business account. This account will own the Google Drive folder hierarchy and will delegate permissions to contextual users.
  • Configure a new or existing Jive place to use the defined Google Drive storage provider


When the Google Drive external storage Add-on is installed and available, users can configure jive places to use Google Drive as external storage.


In the new version, a user can choose between three options of synchronizing activities between Jive and Google Drive.

1. Sync Google Docs and comments - a fully bidirectional sync of all activities

2. Sync google Docs and but don't sync comments. - the default option which prevents excessive activity in Jive for document in process

3. Don't sync Google Docs - a less common option of only syncing regular files and not Google Docs

Once a Jive place is configured to work with Google Drive as an external storage provider, all uploaded files will be saved into the connected Google Drive root folder
Files can also be uploaded directly in Google Drive and will sync back to the connected Jive place

Google documents created either in Google Drive or from Jive are rendered within Jive. These document may be viewed or edited within Jive, using the full set of Google Docs capabilities including concurrent authoring.

In addition, the Document in Jive supports the collaborative Jive functionality such as sharing, following, liking and applying structure outcomes. In this version, Impact metrics are supported as well.

Users can  also navigate to the Google document within Google Drive by clicking a direct link in Jive.

Note that users need to be logged-in to their associated Google account in the same browser, to be able to view the Google documents within Jive.

When working in Jive places connected to Google Drive, users can choose to create Google Docs directly from Jive using a custom menu option.

When doing so, users are presented with a full GoogleDoc editor that auto-saves any edits into the root folder of the connected Google Drive location.


In this version document  created in Google Drive are immediately synced into Jive creating a corresponding containing object.

Finally, similarly to the Google Drive capabilities of synchronizing files bidirectionally, The Google Docs Add-on allows to create document from either Jive or Google Drive and have them sync back to the connected Jive place.


Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Jive is supported with the new Google Docs integrationThe new Google Docs  integration is released with the Jive 2015 winter cloud release.
What components are necessary to enable the Google Docs integration ?

The new integration is powered by several Jive frameworks and technologies including External storage framework (ESF) and Jive Anywhere (JA). The integration is packaged in a Jive Add-on that distributes and installs the necessary components.

At this point the JA cartridges (not described in this document) need to be installed separately.

How do i upgrade an existing  Google Drive Add-on to the new Google Drive+Google Docs Add-on ?

The Google Docs add-on is separate from the Google Drive one (which is packaged within the StreamOnce Add-on). As such, users can add the new Google Docs Add-on to existing cloud deployment that already use Google Drive.

For configuring existing "Google Drive" groups to support Google Docs as well - contact support.

What integrations am i entitled for ?

JiveAnywhere Google Drive cartridge is free of charge and available to all customers in all deployment models, and so is the Google group activity sync integration.

Google Drive external storage for groups is available to all cloud customers.

GMail and Google Docs integration are available for cloud customers with Essentials+ or Enterprise


Known Issues & Limitations

Google Drive only supports up to 5000 users when adding a user-explicit permission to a folder.a Jive group with more than 5000 members will not provision users 5001 and up on the Google Drive folder and despite the fact that the users will have access to the Jive group - they will not be able to access the Google Drive folder and content

use spaces instead of groups for large membership places.

Jive Spaces support permission groups.

Google Drive only supports up to 10000 users per Google groupthe 10001 jive user joining a Jive group, will not be provisioned for access in Google Drive and will not be able to access the contentUse spaces instead of groups for large membership places
For the integration between Jive and Google Drive/Docs to work, the user name and user email in Jive must match the username (=email) in Google. Typically this would be a corporate email user Id.#NA#NA

New Google Docs created from within Jive - don't appear in Jive automatically after the create windows is dismissed

Users may be confused as to the location of the newly created Google document.the new document can be found in content on on the group activity feed
Google Doc icons are generic Google Drive icons rather than application specific icons#NA


This is planned to be addressed in the next release