What is an RCA at Aurea/Jive?

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What is an RCA at Aurea/Jive?


An RCA, also known as a Root Cause Analysis, is a document produced by the Jive SaaSOps and Engineering teams that is published in order to better understand what caused a major outage in the Jive system.  The document describes the problem, the actions taken to fix the problem, and preventive actions taken to prevent this type of failure from happening again.  A major outage can be defined as any outage that affects more than 20 customers. 


What can I expect to see in an RCA?

An RCA produced by Jive SaaSOps and/or Jive Engineering teams will contain two parts.

Part 1 - Description of the Outage

This section will give a short description of the major outage and state whom the outage affected (e.g. All US customer, All EU customers, etc.). This section will also detail the steps taken by the Jive SaaSOps and Engineering teams to remedy the outage.

Part 2 - Preventive Actions

This section will provide a list of the preventive actions that will be taken to prevent these outages from reoccurring.


What are the response times to receive an RCA?

RCA documents require five (5) business days of completion time starting from the outage resolution date.


How do I request an RCA for my Specific outage?

If you, as a specific customer, have an outage or a major failure of service, you can request a “Single Customer Failure Report” which is in essence an RCA for a single customer outage.   In order to request this report, please raise a support ticket with our customer support team. Please indicate both the start and end dates and times of the outage as well as a detailed description of the outage and any trouble-shooting that was performed.   Our Customer Support team will ensure that our single customer failure report process is followed and will contact you regarding that process of obtaining this report. Please note that a specific set of criteria will have to be met to qualify for a single customer failure report.  If all criteria are satisfied, the report requires up to 10 business days of completion time once the request is received.