Can Places or Content Be Restored after Being Deleted?

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Can Places or Content Be Restored after Being Deleted?


I deleted a social group, space, or a project. How can I restore it?

Once a place is deleted, that place, and all of the content in that place, are immediately removed from the database and cannot be restored in the Jive application.  There is no restore process for places that have been deleted. This includes the content previously in that place.


All places should display a warning regarding this:




I deleted a piece of content. How can I restore it?

With the exception of Documents, all other types of content in Jive are immediately removed from the system when being deleted. This is considered a hard delete.


This is the warning shown to end users when trying to delete a piece of content.



The only exceptions to this rule are Documents, which have a soft delete feature.  This means that documents can be restored from the admin console after a user has deleted the piece of content in the front-end of Jive. If you delete a place, then all of its content is immediately hard deleted, including documents.


Here is a list of common Jive content types and whether deleting that content results in a hard delete (permanent) or a soft delete (restorable)


Content TypeDeletion TypeRestoration process (if available)
BlogpostsHard Delete
BookmarksHard Delete
Comments & RepliesHard Delete
DiscussionsHard Delete
Documents & Uploaded FilesSoft DeleteRestoration functionality in Admin Console: Spaces > Management > Document Management

Hard Delete

PollsHard Delete
Status UpdatesHard Delete
TasksHard Delete
VideosHard Delete
EventsHard Delete


Hard Delete:  File deleted permanently from the system

Soft Delete: File can be restored by an admin in the admin console


Please note, when restoring deleted Documents, comments on those pieces of content will not be restored.


I have a document I want to restore but I can't find it in the admin console


The document restore process must be done from within the admin console at the following place:


Admin Console: Spaces > Management > Document Management


One issue you may run into is that this page will show all documents, both published and deleted, for an entire space. There is no search functionality in this area of the admin console, so it may be difficult to locate a specific document that you're trying to restore.


If you are running into this difficulty, the following workaround is advised:

  1. Search for and locate the deleted document in the front end of Jive while logged in as a system administrator
    • System admins can search for and view deleted documents
  2. Move the deleted document to a separate space that has fewer documents
  3. Go to Admin Console: Spaces > Management > Document Management and filter documents to that specific space
  4. Locate the document and restore
  5. Move the document back to the previous place


I have a system back up. What can I do?


Unfortunately there is no functionality that allows you to take content or places from a previous system back up and merge it into a separate Jive instance.  If you do have a back up of a system, where you have access to previously deleted content, then one option is to have users try to manually re-create the the missing content as new pieces of content. Additionally, you may be able to have a developer create the content en masse using the Jive v3 API.


Can deleted content be restored from Records Retention?

No - Content is not recoverable from records retention.